Radio Days

Fearing for her life, Sally is brought to mobster, Rocco's, mother's house. Over a good Italian meal, the mother and son discuss where Sally's body should be dumped once he kills her. Sally not only convinces them not to kill her, but informs them that ...

Raging Bull

Final monologue by Jake.

Raging Bull

Jake is slipping into paranoia. He keeps asking Joey if he's done anything with his wife. Joey's story keeps changing so Jake keeps pursuing and slipping further and further in.

Raising Arizona

Edwina wants HI to steal a baby.


Maxim convinces his new wife he never loved his dead wife Rebecca. Then tells her Rebecca's body isn't the one in the grave, and that her body is in the lake.

Requiem For A Dream

Harry comes over to Sara (his mother's) apartment to give her a new TV. She showers him with compliments, and Harry confesses to how he hasn't been a very good son. He then realizes she's taking uppers to lose weight and forbids her to take them. She fire ...

Reservoir Dogs

The first scene in the movie. They're all sitting around the table, arguing about the tip.

Reservoir Dogs

After their job goes wildly wrong, Mr. Pink & Mr. White show up at the established meeting point, an abandoned warehouse, and argue about what to do. Mr. Blonde shows up.

Reversal of Fortune

Von Bulow meets Prof. Dershowitz and tries to convince him to take his appeal.


Immediately after the murder, Brandon and Phillip discuss what happened as they prepare for some dinner guests. Phillip is disturbed by the whole scenario as Brandon tries to convince him everything is fine.


Rudy is ready to quit. Fortune convinces him not to.


Max and Mr. Blume meet for the first time in a while in an elevator and catch up awkwardly. Then Max starts to reveal a grandiose plan.

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