Casting Director Workshops

The Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School offers its students the opportunity to attend Casting Director Workshops arranged specifically for the BHP. On any given day, top casting directors from around Los Angeles come to the BHP to meet our Intermediate and Advanced acting class students.

Instead of paying $35 or more to sit in a fluorescent-lit office space with a bunch of strangers, whose talent or lack thereof may affect your chance to impress, why not spend $25 to be in a real theatre, where you will read for top CDs alongside your peers and friends? Since the industry workshops are restricted to students of the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school, the level of talent in the rooms is extremely high, alerting the casting directors to the quality of actors studying at the BHP. The atmosphere is energetic, and since the actors know each other from class, the level of support during the workshop is unparalleled. The casting directors who have already joined us have raved about our actors, and have requested to come back again.