Elwood tells the story of when he met Harvey (the 6 foot tall rabbit)

Hatful of Rain

Last time Celia and Johnny spoke they were getting divorced. They make up.


Hanna (Pacino) and Neil (De Niro) meet in a coffee shop. The discover how similar they are. By the end they are friends, but they both will never change, so they are forced to go back to being enemies.


JD comes into Veronica's room after she's hung herself. He monologues on all the plans he had.

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Corporal Allison, a U.S. Marine, is a survivor of a failed island scouting/reconnaissance mission in the Pacific during World War 2. After days of being adrift in a rubber raft, Allison arrives on an island and finds an abandoned settlement and a chapel ...

High Fidelity

Laura accompanies her ex-boyfriend Rob back to his apartment so she can pick up the last of her stuff. Rob interrogates her about why they broke up and who she's staying with now.

High Fidelity

Rob asks Laura to marry him. But not because he wants to actually marry her, it's because he is finally ready to grow up. He tries to explain it to Laura, and she gets it.

High Fidelity

Rob goes to buy records from a woman, but the records are worth way more than she's asking for. He tries to buy them at list price, but she refuses.

High Fidelity

Rob monologues about reorganizing his records, then his mother calls and lectures him on it being his fault.

His Girl Friday

Hildy comes to Walter to tell him she is getting married. In a whirlwind of insults he convinces her to help him with his next project. It's a little long, it may need trimming down.


Hitch tries to teach Albert how to be a stud. First, dancing, second the kiss...

Holy Smoke!

During a trip to India, Ruth Barron has a spiritual awakening and embraces the teachings of a guru named Baba. Her parents are appalled, and through a series of events, they put her in the hands of an American exit counselor who deprograms members of rel ...


Davis arrives at his newly built home in his small hometown to find Gwen, a waitress with whom he had a one-night stand, playing house. She reveals that she has nowhere else to go and that she's been telling people that she's his wife.

How to Marry A Millionaire

Three women, models in NYC, have decided to collaborate in finding themselves wealthy husbands. After snagging some prospects, the women bring their men to a very upscale restaurant. After getting to know the men a little more, the women meet in the res ...



Hud is attracted to his family's middle-aged housekeeper, Alma, and he is crude and insulting to her. Although Hud's fondness for her is (at first) somewhat mutual, Alma keeps her distance because she has already been "around the block" with macho womani ...

Husbands and Wives

Sally is newly separated from her husband, Jack. She goes out on a date with her colleague, Michael. He walks her home at the end of the night, and she invites him in.

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