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Dumb and Dumber

Lloyd convinces Harry they should go to Aspen to bring a mysterious woman's briefcase to her.

Grosse Pointe Blank

Grocer (Akroyd) and Martin (Cusack) have a Mexican standoff in a breakfast restaurant. During the standoff they talk about their diets and Grocer asks Martin to join the union. Martin says no, and Grocer gives Martin the ultimatum join or die. The female ...


Hanna (Pacino) and Neil (De Niro) meet in a coffee shop. The discover how similar they are. By the end they are friends, but they both will never change, so they are forced to go back to being enemies.

In Good Company

Carter asks Dan to meet him for lunch. Dan thinks he is getting fired. Carter convinces Dan to try the sushi even though Dan hates it. Carter asks Dan to be an 'Awesome wingman'. Dan throws it back in his face and asks why. Carter replies by saying 'You g ...

Interview with a Vampire

Lestat (Cruise) tries to convince Louis (Pitt) to feed on a prostitute. Louis cares about her pain while Lestat sees her as food.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry tries every way he can think of to get Tidwell to listen (Help me Help you). Tidwell doesn't get it and insults Jerry's marriage, Jerry loses it and tells Tidwell why he doesn't have the contract he wants.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

The entire filibuster monologue. There is a senator Payne if you'd like to do that part. Mr. Smith extemporizes on the problems of politics.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Saunder's tries to convince Smith not to pursue writing a bill by explaining what it entails. Smith talks about the boys camp he wants to make and monologues about his love of nature. In this scene Saunder's realizes she likes him.


Rudy is ready to quit. Fortune convinces him not to.

Say Anything

Lloyd tells Diane he loves her. She tells him she can't date him anymore. Brutal...

The Believer

Daniel (A neo nazi) meets with a reporter Guy. Guy traps him with questions about his past (Daniel's also Jewish). Daniel Ends with threatening Guy's life.

The Graduate

Elaine comes to Ben's apartment to confront him about raping her mother. He denies the rape, but comes clean about the relationship. Ben asks Elaine to marry him, and she says ok.

The Producers

Bloom devises the scheme of over-producing a flop. Bialystock takes him seriously. Bloom has his meltdown (I'm wet and in pain and I'm still hysterical!!). Bialystock backs off and gets him to join him for lunch.


Loki convinces a priest to use his donation money for his own and leave the faith. Bartelbi tells Loki about their chance to get back into heaven.

Adam's Rib

Amanda is seeking support through her neighbor (who is a dude) Kip. But Kip is in love with Amanda, and admits it, and tries to kiss her. Adam (Amanda's Husband) bursts in on them with a gun made of licorice (it works in the scene). Adam and Amanda argu ...

Adam's Rib

Amanda playfully seduces Adam before their trial.

All About Eve

Through this semi-confrontational conversation, Margo finds out Eve knows and has become a part of every facet of her life.

All About Eve

Addison traps Eve by exposing her lies. After trapping her he exerts his will over her and gets her to admit she belongs to him.

American Beauty

Angela and Jane talk about Jane's father. Then the next door neighbor makes a 'Jane' made out of fire on the lawn.

American Beauty

Angela taunts Lester with her sexuality in the kitchen with Jane watching. Lester barely says a word.

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