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The Grifters

Lilly is a very handsome and sexy woman, hovering around forty. She is tough when she needs to be but quietly desperate. She runs playback money for the mob; they pay her to go to the track and bet money on the long shot to lower the odds and protect th ...

Saving Private Ryan

Miller talks to Sarge about the trick of moral, and why the mission being the man doesn't make sense to him. Then Miller's hand starts uncontrollably shaking. Sarge asks if he should take over, Miller tells him not yet, but maybe he'll have to if he gets ...

Family Man

Jack and Kate say goodbye in an airport.

Carlito's Way

Carlito and Gail dated before Carlito was sent to jail. He had been a well-known drug trafficker in his New York neighborhood. Now he’s out and determined to change his life, to not get dragged into petty street crime and the drug scene. He finds Gail ...

True Romance

Virgil goes to Alabama to get the information on where the drugs are. Starts to kick the crap out of her, and then is about to kill her when things swing the other way.

In Cold Blood

Church and Nye lightly interrogate Hickock about his where abouts. Then they pull out the big guns, he's the murderer they're after and he left a witness. Hickock almost traps himself.


Ace tells Ginger he wants to marry her. She tells him she doesn't love him. He tells her he can deal with that, and regardless she'll be set for life if she marries him.


In this scene, Shrevie confronts his wife, Beth, about his record collection and how important his music is to him. The result is a huge fight about much more than records...

Passion Fish

MaryAlice wants some booze, and Chantelle refuses.

Death to Smoochy

Randolph holds up Sheldon and Nora with a gun. Randolph tells Sheldon about all the sleeping around Nora used to do, and Sheldon gets all grossed out. They disarm Randolph and he breaks down in tears. Sheldon feels sorry for him, loads his gun, and goe ...

King Of Comedy

Marsha and Langford are all alone, and he's kidnapped, and she's in love. She goes through an entire date with him, while he's tied up.

Wall Street

Bud confronts Gekko about screwing hundreds of people out of their jobs so he can make a little money. Gekko thinks he convinces Bud that that's just the way things are.

The Fisher King

When Jack starts to get his life back together, Annie gets excited about them moving forward as a couple. Jack is hesitant and decides that he wants to spend some time alone.


Lilly runs into Bobo, and is driving with him. He is pissed at her from messing up her job with the horse race. She tries to get out of it. Just after the scene he tortures her a little bit.

The Apartment

Fran and Sheldrake exchange Christmas gifts. She gives him a record, full of significance and love, he gives her a hundred dollars so she can buy what she wants. And he still won't get divorced.


Ryan goes to see a representative from his father's insurance company. The meeting quickly escalates into an argument involving race.

The Return of the Secaucus 7

This group of friends named themselves the Secaucus 7 when they were arrested ten years earlier in Secaucus, NJ, on their way to a war protest in Washington. Now they’re all at a weekend reunion at Mike and Katie’s house in New England. Maura has just b ...


Leonard comes to Natalie's after his fight with Dodd. He has no idea why, and he talks about not knowing what's going on.


Carl stops by Molly's apartment to chat. As the conversation progresses, she realizes that he has an ulterior motive.

Waiting to Exhale

Bernadine’s marriage of eleven years has broken up. She had devoted herself to her husband’s success and to her children, and they had made it. Then her husband announced that he was leaving her for a white woman. She was devastated, so hurt and furiou ...

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