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Good Will Hunting

Will explains why he plans to reject a job offer from the NSA.

Before Sunrise

Celine & Jesse talk about their respective childhoods, and Jesse convinces Celine to travel around Vienna with him.

Before Sunset

Celine & Jesse take a boat ride, discuss their lives since their last encounter, and ponder why they never reconnected.

Before Sunset

Celine & Jesse walk through Paris and talk about therapy, sex, and death.


Bugsy Siegel & Virginia Hill meet for the first time on the set of a movie in which Virginia is acting.


Virginia confronts Bugsy at his house after he proposes to her at a party they both attended earlier that evening.

Being John Malkovich

This is a combination of two separate scenes from the film. Craig desperately tries to flirt with Maxine as she coldly shoots him down. Craig also tells Maxine about the portal into Malkovich's head, and Maxine forms a business plan.

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Two bridesmaids, who were good friends in high school, steal away to a hotel suite after the ceremony to talk about their love lives and guzzle champagne.

Georgia Rule

Rachel tells her alcoholic mother, Lilly, that she lied about being sexually abused by her stepfather, when, in fact, it did happen.

Georgia Rule

Lilly forces her daughter, Rachel, to admit again that she lied about being sexually molested by her stepfather, Arnold. Rachel was molested, however she concedes to protect her mother.


Mary, a fundamentalist Christian, asks her equally Christian mother, Lillian, about an event that recently took place: Mary's boyfriend, Dean, realized that he was gay, and although Mary tried to help him by turning him heterosexual, Dean's parents found ...

The Other Boleyn Girl

Mary is confined to bed after a near miscarriage. Her sister Anne arrives and they confront each other about their respective betrayals. This is a combination of two scenes.


A psychiatrist, Dr. Martin Dysart, becomes obsessed with the pathology of his patient, a young man named Alan Strang who blinded several horses with a hoof pick. In this scene, Dysart questions Alan about a past encounter with a girl named Jill, an encou ...

Garden State

Sam takes Andrew out to her backyard pet cemetery to bury her newly dead hamster.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Linda & Stacy chat about high school stuff, and Linda demonstrates how to give a blow job.

The Godfather

Bonosera goes to the godfather. He tells a story of his daughter getting beaten, and the police do nothing.

High Fidelity

Laura accompanies her ex-boyfriend Rob back to his apartment so she can pick up the last of her stuff. Rob interrogates her about why they broke up and who she's staying with now.


Dr. Jed Hill sums up how it really is in the operating room. The famous line "I am God".

Keeping the Faith

Brian, a priest, responds to a call from his childhood friend, Anna, with whom he's recently re-connected. He comes to her place and she's an emotional wreck. He confesses the he's in love with her, and she confesses that she's in love with Brian's best ...


Ronny walks Loretta home from a night at the opera and tries to convince her to succumb to her feelings for him.

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