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Good Will Hunting

Sean tells Will how he's a genius, but young and inexperienced.

Adam's Rib

Amanda playfully seduces Adam before their trial.

When Harry Met Sally

Six years after Harry and Sally had their conversation on the plane, they ran into each other again at a bookstore. Harry had been through a divorce, and Sally had been through a recent breakup. They became friends – finally – and their friendship grew ...

Mighty Aphrodite

Linda is a call-girl and thinks Lenny is her next appointment when he shows up at her door. Lenny simply wants to get to know her better after learning that she is the biological mother of his adopted son.

Kramer Vs Kramer

Billy wakes up and asks where mom is. Ted deflects and tries to make french toast (which is a disaster). Ted tries to reassure himself and Billy that everything is going to be ok.

Man On Fire

John Creasy negotiates for the life of Pita Ramos, the young girl he was hired to protect, by threatening the family of Daniel Sanchez, her kidnapper.

Die Hard

John talks to his wife Holly after they haven't seen each other for a long time. Right when it starts to get pleasant, and even a little sexy, John confronts Holly about not using his last name.

Norma Rae

Norma argues with her husband Sonny about the house work she doesn't do because of her doing what she thinks is right.

Good Will Hunting

Skylar asks Will to go to California with her. Will reveals his dark past.

The Devil's Advocate

Kevin meets Milton for the first time. Milton asks about Kevin's history and family. Then Milton offers him a job.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Mary is confined to bed after a near miscarriage. Her sister Anne arrives and they confront each other about their respective betrayals. This is a combination of two scenes.

Lovers and Other Strangers

Wilma is married to Johnny. With two children, Wilma is feeling her age and misses the passion they had at the beginning of their marriage, while Johnny is more interested in watching Spellbound on TV than giving his wife attention.

The Day the Clown Cried

Ada convinces Helmut to try and get his job as a legendary clown.

The Fountain

Tommy visits his wife Isabel in the hospital. She is nearing the end of her life, and having embraced her fate, she attempts to help him understand and accept her imminent death.

How to Marry A Millionaire

Three women, models in NYC, have decided to collaborate in finding themselves wealthy husbands. After snagging some prospects, the women bring their men to a very upscale restaurant. After getting to know the men a little more, the women meet in the res ...

Basic Instinct

Nick finds Catherine waiting on his stoop. He invites her up for a drink, and their cat and mouse game continues. It ends where she leaves for a club, and he tells her he will meet her there.

Body Heat

Matty Walker is married to a very wealthy man, and they have a house in Pinehaven, an upper crust Coconut Grove-like seaside community. Matty has targeted Ned Racine, a small time ambulance-chasing lawyer, as a pawn in her plot to kill her husband. Ned ...

Lone Star

Sam Deeds is a sheriff of a small Texas border town. His father, Buddy Deeds, was a deputy in the late fifties under a corrupt sheriff, Charlie Wade, but Buddy stood up to Charlie’s bullying and Charlie disappeared soon after, never to be heard from agai ...


Annie is angry at Paul for killing Misery. She is about to strike him with a chair, then tells him there's no way anyone is coming for him, he is trapped...

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