Holy Smoke!

During a trip to India, Ruth Barron has a spiritual awakening and embraces the teachings of a guru named Baba. Her parents are appalled, and through a series of events, they put her in the hands of an American exit counselor who deprograms members of religious cults. In a remote cabin, he isolates Ruth, separates […]

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Grand Canyon

Dee works for Mack as his secretary/assistant. They have had a one-night stand, but it didn’t blossom into an affair. Mack is married, relatively happily, but something is missing from his life. He’s recently met a man, a tow-truck driver who helped him out of a dangerous situation when Mack broke down in a crime-ridden […]

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Grand Canyon

Claire and Mack live in LA; they have a comfortable life and a teenage son who is just at the age when a boy starts to separate from his mom. Their son is at summer camp, and Mack is at work when Claire, out jogging one morning, hears a baby crying. She follows the sound […]

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Body Heat

Matty Walker is married to a very wealthy man, and they have a house in Pinehaven, an upper crust Coconut Grove-like seaside community. Matty has targeted Ned Racine, a small time ambulance-chasing lawyer, as a pawn in her plot to kill her husband. Ned notices Matty standing alone on the boardwalk in Miranda Beach, the […]

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When Harry Met Sally

Six years after Harry and Sally had their conversation on the plane, they ran into each other again at a bookstore. Harry had been through a divorce, and Sally had been through a recent breakup. They became friends – finally – and their friendship grew close over the course of a year, as they both […]

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When Harry Met Sally

Five years ago, Harry and Sally shared a car from the University of Chicago to New York City together. They didn’t know each other that well; Harry was dating Sally’s friend Amanda. They didn’t exactly hit it off; Harry completely annoyed Sally, and when he propositioned her, she refused. He insisted that men and women […]

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The Brothers McMullen

Jack, Barry and Patrick are first generation Irish brothers who grew up on Long Island, the sons of a “wife-beating, child-abusing alcoholic” and a long-suffering mother. When their father dies, Mom buries him and quickly returns to Ireland to rejoin a long lost love. She leaves the house to the boys, saying, “Don’t make the […]

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She’s the One

Mickey and Francis Fitzpatrick are brothers that couldn’t be more different. Mickey leads an unstable life as a New York cabbie. After he found his fiancée, Heather, cheating on him, he took off and spent three years driving around the country. Then he returned and lived with his father in Brooklyn until he met a […]

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No Such Thing

Beatrice is a tabloid journalist whose fiancé is killed by a monster in Iceland. Icelandic villagers have left her at the monster’s doorstep as a sacrifice, and she meets the monster for the first time. He is not at all what she expected. […]

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