Brynn Thayer on the Bevelry Hills Playhouse Acting School

imdb-squareI came back to the Beverly Hills Playhouse, a year ago last week. It has been a seventeen-year absence. I had lost my passion for acting, and I really think for my life. I was not being very creative. I was acting, but I didn't love it. And I knew I wanted to love it. So, I came back, and it has changed my life. It is the most enthusiastic, energetic, exciting place to be.

Milton in this extraordinary way picks those things out for each person, and for me, if I do any homework that Milton gives me, any suggestions that Milton gives me, whether it be a scene, or a character, or makes me look at something in my life, or cut my hair, or change the way I carry myself, take a look at my attitude about the business, about myself, about how I live my life... If I take those things and I do them, I get enormous results-- almost immediately.

I've had a great career. I started working 30 years ago in New York and I've made a wonderful living. But somewhere along the line, I guess I didn't feel like I need to continue to study. I got lazy. I still got work. And then I started taking a look at my work and I felt like I had no depth. The character I was portraying, I was just one dimensional, very flat, but hire able. And that was when I realized I need to get back into class with people who had the same kind of goal that I did. And wanted to have the same kind of passion that I did for acting. And who wanted to study with Milton.

The Beverly Hills Playhouse and Milton Katselas-- it is life changing.

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