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The Beverly Hills Playhouse has offered acting classes at its flagship location in Beverly Hills since 1978.  In the 1940s, the building was home to the Bliss-Hayden Theatre where many extraordinary actors of the time performed, including Marilyn Monroe.  The school continues that tradition, and has cultivated actors for over three decades.  Alumni include George Clooney, Michele Pfeiffer, Jim Carrey, and many more .

The two-story Beverly Hills headquarters houses our Mainstage Theatre and black box Research Space where we hold Advanced, Intermediate and Orientation scene study acting classes.  The classes are taught by Allen BartonArt CohanHowie DeutchMichael PettedMelissa Hayden and Mark Gantt, Michael Yavnieli, who have all studied at the BHP for ten to thirty years.  Other industry professionals are regularly brought in as guest teachers, including casting directors, agents, publicists, and filmmakers who offer perspective and enhance the careers of BHP students.  The BHP is well known for Milton Katselas’ unique approach, which addresses Acting, Attitude, and Administration .  For more information about the BHP acting classes, check out our home page and read our FAQ.  

The Playhouse is located in a laid back corner of Beverly Hills, blocks away from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences library.  The school is open for classes and student rehearsals from 8 AM to midnight every day.  When acting classes are not in session, you will find students reading and working on scenes at Champs Elysees Café or at Anny’s Snack Joint.  BHP students form “Acting Administration” groups to support each other in their daily career building actions.  These groups often meet at the BHP Reading Room and Art Gallery, a private WiFi lounge featuring student art and photography.  After classes end, students can often be found at the 3rd Stop Restaurant relaxing and discussing class or current events in the industry.  One of the cornerstones of the BHP is a strong, supportive community of actors, both in person and online via our private internal social network, BHP Connect.  


BHP Testimonials

And that's what it all boils down to for Rick Rosenthal - being excited about films, and getting people excited about them, too. He says it stems back to a conversation he once had when studying acting under Milton Katselas at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Katselas, who is Greek, decided to explain the etymology of the word "enthusiasm" to Rosenthal. "The 'en' is Greek for 'from', and 'theos' is for 'God,'" he remembers. "So to him, enthusiasm is translated as a gift from the gods." It's a moment Rosenthal has drawn on several times in his career. "I remember being in Chicago, shooting in the dead winter, 20 below zero on a bridge," he says. "It turned out me and the two actors had all studied with Milton. So there we were, freezing, talking about enthusiasm. That's what you need in a moment like that. And that's what you need when making movies.

- Rick Rosenthal Excerpted from an interview 
with filmmaker
Westside Today Magazine, August 2005

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