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The Beverly Hills Playhouse expanded its universe to the Big Apple in September of 2008. BHP New York acting school mirrors the Los Angeles acting classes in both the operation and method of teaching. Students studying at the BHP in Los Angeles who get a job in New York would be able to sign up for the New York acting class and his/her training and school environment will be consistent. The same will be true for students studying in New York and traveling to LA. The NYC Acting School takes place at the 45th Street Theatre on Tuesday nights and classes are taught by Peter Allas.



Acting Classes New York
45th Street Theatre
354 West 45th Street, New York City, NY 10036
646 200-5790

Classes are Tuesday's from 7-11pm. 

Peter Allas (Teach) born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and then in New York City, where he acquired his love of the theatre. Mr. Allas began formal studies at Boston University School of Fine Arts Program and received his degree from Fordham University at Lincoln Center. He burst onto the New York Theatre scene in the 1984 revival of William Mastrosimone’s “The Woolgatherer” as “Cliff at the Phoenix Theatre. Other NYC credits include The Fixer in “The Adding Machine” (Fordham Rep –Lincoln Center) and “The Gingham Dog” as “Vince” (Phoenix Theatre). In 2008 he starred in the World Premiere(both L.A. and New York) of Hannah Logan’ 70’s period southern drama “Trailerville”, as Preacher Robert Blackburn, an ex-marine Colonel turned bible belt preacher, for which he received critical acclaim. Los Angeles & regional credits include “Che Che” in “Anna In The Tropics” (Seattle Rep & Maltz Theatre, FL) directed by Sharon Ott, West Coast Premiere of Lisa Loomer’s “Expecting Isabel” at the Mark Taper Forum , the World Premieres of “About Faith” written & dir. By Dan Frischman (“Head Of the Class”) at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, “Lou/Lu” (dir. By Dorothy Lyman), and the award winning revival “Detective Story” as “Det. Dakis”(LA Weekly & Critics winner)at the Lee Strasburg Institute, “House Of Blue Leaves” (as “Billy Einhorn) Alliance Rep, “Minor Demons” as Vince”(dir. by Louis D’Esposito), “Lakeboat” (Tiffany Theatre) dir. by Joe Mantegna. In addition, he directed the “critically acclaimed 1995 L.A. revival of “Savage In Limbo” by John Patrick Shanley, starring Reale Hunter (yes that’s right) and again with Shanleyfest 2000 in “Italian-American Reconciliation”

Having lived in Los Angeles for the past 21 years he has starred in over 75 film and TV series; “Spiderman 2”, “S.W.A.T.”, “End Of The Game” (with Jenna Elfman), HBO’s “Cast A Deadly Spell (opposite Julianne Moore), “Lovers Of Deceit” (with Virginia Madsen), “Defenseless” with Sam Sheppard and Barbara Hershey, directed by Martin Campbell of ‘Zorro”,and “Goldeneye” fame. Foreign films include the Italian-American family 60’s period drama “My Brother Jack” (with Freddy Rodriguez of “Ugly Betty” Marco Leonardi “Like Water For Chocolate” & Michael Cavalieri “The Next Karate Kid”) as “Sal” I which he was nominated for best supporting actor in Naples, Italy and Method Film Fest) and “Ithica ; A Sea Apart (Greece) opposite Tamila Kulieva & Akis Sakellariou.

Some standout TV guest credits include – “Without A Trace”, “E.R.”, “”Day break”, “N.Y.P.D. Blue”, Strong Medicine”, “Pointe Pleasant” as Dr. Med “Arl$$”, “Columbo” (with Peter Falk)”, “Mike Hammer” as “Det. Melitti (with Stacy Keach). “Perfect Strangers” as Verbos, and Michael Mann’s “Crime Story” as David Abrahms. He is most recognized for speaking Italian “Early Edition”, first as Mario “The CALZONE” man on “SEINFELD”, and (subtitled) as “Salvatore” the Neapolitan speaking hired killer of Frankie Valli (“Rusty”) on “The SOPRANO’S”.

The Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School's Acting Classes NYC are held at 354 West 45th Street, New York City, NY 10036 : (646) 200-5790


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And that's what it all boils down to for Rick Rosenthal - being excited about films, and getting people excited about them, too. He says it stems back to a conversation he once had when studying acting under Milton Katselas at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Katselas, who is Greek, decided to explain the etymology of the word "enthusiasm" to Rosenthal. "The 'en' is Greek for 'from', and 'theos' is for 'God,'" he remembers. "So to him, enthusiasm is translated as a gift from the gods." It's a moment Rosenthal has drawn on several times in his career. "I remember being in Chicago, shooting in the dead winter, 20 below zero on a bridge," he says. "It turned out me and the two actors had all studied with Milton. So there we were, freezing, talking about enthusiasm. That's what you need in a moment like that. And that's what you need when making movies.

- Rick Rosenthal Excerpted from an interview 
with filmmaker
Westside Today Magazine, August 2005

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