Gone Baby Gone

Ben Affleck & Aaron Stockard (screenplay), Dennis Lehane (novel)
Cast Ethnicities
  • Caucasian
Modern Day
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Patrick, a private detective, and his partner/girlfriend, Angie, are hired by a woman named Helene to find her kidnapped daughter, Amanda. When Helene's boyfriend Ray is murdered by the drug lord from whom they both were stealing, Patrick and Angie join the police detectives investigating the case to arrange a trade of money for Amanda. The exchange is botched and Amanda is believed to have drowned. Police Captain Jack Doyle, whose own daughter was killed years before, takes responsibility for the death and goes into early retirement. Months later, Patrick and Angie discover that Amanda is alive and living with Captain Doyle, who actually helped orchestrate the kidnapping. Patrick threatens to call the authorities, but Doyle attempts to convince him that Amanda is better off living with them than with her drug-addicted, careless mother. Patrick leaves and discusses the choices with Angie.
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