Beverly Hill Playhouse Acting Classes

Michelle Pfeiffer On The Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School

imdb-squareJames Lipton: We’re interested in our guests’ training. When you begin studying and with whom did you study?

Michelle Pfeiffer: I started studying with one of Milton Katselas’ associates in the beginning and then I worked with Milton for many years. What I loved about working with Milton was he kind of prepared actors so that you’re a little director-proof in a way because you learn to be your own director and he talked a lot about what, “Okay, what would you do in this situation?” So, you’d say, “Well, I would, you know, I would get up,” and he’d say, “Okay. Now, what would you really do in this situation?” and that was always the way that he would get you to second guess your first kind of superficial choice.


BHP Testimonials

For me, Milton and his acting class at the Beverly hillis Playhouse is my community. It’s inspiring.

-Autumn Reeser The O.C, Valentine

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