For New Actors

three-students-court-yard-554x420-BHP A537For new actors who are looking for an acting school, the Beverly Hills Playhouse would be happy to welcome you with open arms. We have two Orientation level scene study acting classes that cater to new actors of any age. We call it the "Orientation" level because it can encompass students with zero experience to those who may have a college degree in theatre but who are perhaps new to Los Angeles and the real pursuit. Oftentimes we may have a student come our way who has experience in another profession, perhaps even an entire career behind them, and they are looking at pursuing a long dormant dream of acting.

No matter who it is, the idea is that we are endeavoring to "orient" the student to what our acting school is about, to the possibilities of their talent, to the idea that acting is not about whether you're a "beginner" or not, but about what you have within you to say, and using your powers of observation to tell that story in an authentic manner.

Orientation level acting classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse are taught no differently than any other acting class - it's the same approach and the same teaching applied in the same manner. With hard work, Orientation students will move up to the Intermediate level acting classes at BHP and beyond.