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Hanna (Pacino) and Neil (De Niro) meet in a coffee shop. The discover how similar they are. By the end they are friends, but they both will never change, so they are forced to go back to being enemies.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry tries every way he can think of to get Tidwell to listen (Help me Help you). Tidwell doesn't get it and insults Jerry's marriage, Jerry loses it and tells Tidwell why he doesn't have the contract he wants.


Rudy is ready to quit. Fortune convinces him not to.

The Believer

Daniel (A neo nazi) meets with a reporter Guy. Guy traps him with questions about his past (Daniel's also Jewish). Daniel Ends with threatening Guy's life.

Becket or the honor of god

King Henry tries to rekindle his friendship with Becket, but Becket's new found attachment to religion gets in the way.

King Lear

King Lear is wandering around lost and shattered from what has happened. Gloucester comes upon him and tries to help.

American Beauty

Lester smokes pot for the first time in ages with his new neighbor Ricky.

American Beauty

Lester blackmails Brad into giving him money.

American Beauty

Ricky is caught by his father selling pot to Lester. Turns out Colonel (his father) thinks he had sex with Lester for money. Ricky pushes his father to the limit, and the Colonel kicks Ricky out of the house.

Any Given Sunday

Tony meets with his son Tom for the first time in 5 years. Tony tries to convince Tom to let him see his grandchildren.

Apocalypse Now

A captain and Willaird converse in a bar in Saigon. It turns out the captain is with the agency, and Willaird has no choice but to go on the mission.

Eyes Wide Shut

Bill smooth talks Nick into giving him the address of a crazy party.

Family Man

Jack runs into Cash and tries to save him. Jack then claims he has everything he wants, and Cash casts his spell.

The Fisher King

Jack wakes up in Parry's domicile. Parry proceeds to tell Jack he is the janitor of god on a mission for the holy grail.

The Fisher King

Jack tries to get Parry to understand how things really are. He pushes Parry far enough that Parry has a little psychotic break.

Glengarry Glen Ross

Levine convinces Williamson to give him leads for a percentage of the sale.

The Game

Conrad gets Nicholas a mysterious birthday gift.

The Game

Nicholas is firing Alan from the firm. In Nicholas' full profession stride, he is knocked off balance by being unable to open his briefcase. He composes himself and ends the conversation.

Training Day

Alonso meets Jake for the first time at a diner.

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