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The Talented Mr. Ripley

Tom & Dickie take a boat ride, Dickie reveals his true feelings about Tom, and Tom murders him.

Bull Durham

Crash is drunk and angry at Nuke for making it to the Majors. He tries to fight him and it ends up becoming a lesson.

CSI Miami

Scott is being lightly questioned by Horatio. He keeps changing his story, so he ends up getting his prints. The scene has flashbacks and multiple detectives, but it can be shortened to just two people and monologues.

Life as a House

George talks to his son Sam about his drug usage and complexes. Then George tells Sam how much he hated/loved his father.

Ordinary People

Conrad comes to Berger in a panic. Conrad's friend and girl he liked killed herself, and old demons continue to haunt him. Berger works him through it all.

Point Break

Utah pesters Pappas until he tells him his theory on who the bank robbers are, "They are Surfers!" Could use a third office person if you want.

The Godfather 2

After someone tries to kill Michael, Michael tells Tom Hagen that he is the only one he can trust. And that Tom is going to be the Don while Michael is away.

The Godfather 2

Michael and Roth talk about Pentageli's betrayal. Roth agrees with Michael in that nothing changes their plans.

The Godfather 2

Michael talks to Pentageli about Roth organizing the hit, even though Michael knows it was Pentageli. In order to trap Pentageli, Michael asks him to give over terms to the Rosato brothers.

The Godfather 2

Hagen and Pentageli talk about the old days, and Hagen makes it clear he has betrayed them, and in order to save his family he has to kill himself. They shake.

The Godfather 2

The last scene of Godfather 2. Ideally with a Don Corleone, but since Brando didn't show up for the scene, they shot it without him... but here it is in its original version.

Midnight Cowboy

Rizzo takes Joe to his loft. They wake up the next morning and Rizzo and Joe talk about management.

Mission Impossible

Ethan meets Kittridge in a cafe after Ethan's entire team has been killed. Kittridge implies that Ethan is the mole, so Ethan runs.

Raging Bull

Jake is slipping into paranoia. He keeps asking Joey if he's done anything with his wife. Joey's story keeps changing so Jake keeps pursuing and slipping further and further in.


Andrew goes to Joe to get representation against the legal firm he used to work at, but was fired. He believes it was wrongful termination because he is a homosexual and has AIDS. Andrew tells Joe the story, and Joe refuses to represent him.


Joe is at his Doctor's, and is questioning about AIDS. Joe goes through a rollercoaster of emotion and feeling about the disease, and even though he knows the modes of infection, it makes him no less secure. The Doctor begins to test him for AIDS, but Joe ...


Andrew is dying of AIDS and he is obsessed with his trial. Miguel (his lover) is trying to give him his meds, but his vein is closed and they need to go to the hospital. They get into an argument about how much time he has left, and Miguel is scared of be ...


Nicky meets Ace in the desert and they have a big ol' argument. Nicky is pissed that Ace went over his head with people. Ace tries to explain to Nicky what's really going on.

Dark City

White goes to Dr. Schreber to find out who he is. Schreber gives him more questions than answers.

The English Patient

Caravaggio questions the patient as to his motives for his betrayal. The patient claims, with renewed vigor, the British betrayed him.

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