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In Good Company

Carter asks Dan to meet him for lunch. Dan thinks he is getting fired. Carter convinces Dan to try the sushi even though Dan hates it. Carter asks Dan to be an 'Awesome wingman'. Dan throws it back in his face and asks why. Carter replies by saying 'You g ...

The Producers

Bloom devises the scheme of over-producing a flop. Bialystock takes him seriously. Bloom has his meltdown (I'm wet and in pain and I'm still hysterical!!). Bialystock backs off and gets him to join him for lunch.

I'm Not Rappaport

Two old men in a park try and deal with getting old. Nat (a cantankerous Jew) starts telling an outrageous tale of him being an undercover agent, right after Midge (a feisty Black guy) swears he won't be taken by Nat's lies.

Bull Durham

Nuke and Crash have one last chat in the locker room before Nuke goes up to the majors.

Analyze This

Vitti comes to Ben for the first time for therapy.

The Day the Clown Cried

A Nazi officer questions Helmut, and confuses him with his inferred logic.


Dave talks to Jim about his new found relationship with a student.


Jim tries to cheer up Paul and give him some drive by explaining to him the use of democracy.


A funny little sort of monologue scene from this local guy giving an interview to a trooper.

Who's on First

The classic back and forth.


Hitch tries to teach Albert how to be a stud. First, dancing, second the kiss...

Midnight Run

Jonathan and Jack are eating at a diner. Jack wants Jonathan to shut up and Jonathan wants Jack to like him and let him go.

The Break-Up

Gary goes to the bar where Johnny is the bartender after he has a fight with his girlfriend. Johnny ends up making Gary paranoid his girl is cheating on him, and also Johnny implies he'll kill the guy she's cheating on him with.

The Replacements

McGinty goes to ask Shane if he will quarterback his team during the strike.

Pineapple Express

Dale comes over to Saul's place. They smoke crazy weed, and set up the movie.

The Mask

Stanley goes to Doctor Neuman to try and figure out the mask's origins. Then Stanley tries to put on the mask to prove its power, and it doesn't work.

The Apartment

Bud gets caught lending out his apartment so the execs at his office can carry on affairs. He admits the whole thing to Sheldrake, and promises never to do it again.

The Apartment

Sheldrake calls Bud into his office and traps him into coming clean about lending out his apartment to execs who are carrying on affairs. Then the phone rings, and Bud tries to escape, then it turns out Sheldrake wants to have his own affair in the apart ...

Being John Malcovich

Craig gets a very strange interview from Lester.

Independence Day

Steve and David are trapped in their ship in the giant mothership alien vessel. They sit around and launch a nuclear missile, and then suddenly they are freed. A weird sort of scene, but if you can manage to do it on stage it could be fun.

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