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Adam's Rib

Amanda playfully seduces Adam before their trial.


Dante finds out his girlfriend Veronica has blown 37 dudes. There is a two line walk-on by one of them.

Employee of the Month

David talks to a prostitute his friend sent named Whisper (played by Jenna Fischer). She offers to have sex with him, but instead he wants to talk about how he cheated on his fiance. Then he monologues about his life, and how he ended up where he is.

Guess Who

Simon feels like Theresa's family doesn't like him. She tries to reassure him, while he starts playing with her lingerie. Then Bernie Mac bursts in.

Owl and the Pussycat

Felix starts to read Doris one of his stories and she hates it. Then they argue about vocabulary.

Raising Arizona

Edwina wants HI to steal a baby.

Something Wild

Lulu seduces Charlie, even though Charlie is really uptight about it. Then Charlie calls work to say he won't be back.

The Other Sister

Daniel and Carla read through the karma sutra, and discuss love, and them, and their relationship.

The Philadelphia Story

Tracy is taking Connor out for a swim after the party. Connor tells Tracy she shouldn't marry George, and starts to compliment the crap out of her. Tracy enjoys it, then they go swim.

Bull Durham

Annie accidentally calls Nuke Crash. Then gets him to forget it with twisted logic, and Nuke starts talking about how he doesn't even really like baseball, and Annie gets him to see a different side of things.

Annie Hall

Alvy gets called by Annie in the middle of the night to kill a spider.

As Good as it Gets

Carol comes over to Melvin's place after he pays for her son's treatment. She tells him she won't ever sleep with him. In an attempt at cover, he asks if she'll be at work the next day.

As Good as it Gets

Melvin tells Carol she makes him want to be a better man.


Tracy follows Jim out to his car with all the signatures so she can run for student office. She is peppy and excited about spending more time with him, he is glib and doesn't care.


Jim tries to reason with Tracy. Tracy throws it all back in his face.

High Fidelity

Rob goes to buy records from a woman, but the records are worth way more than she's asking for. He tries to buy them at list price, but she refuses.


Lilly runs into Bobo, and is driving with him. He is pissed at her from messing up her job with the horse race. She tries to get out of it. Just after the scene he tortures her a little bit.


Roy runs into his mother Lilly at a holiday Inn in San Diego for an awkward meeting.

King Of Comedy

Pupkin is on a date with Rita telling her he'll make it big, but she thinks it's all hilarious. She gets a call from the guy at the bar and has to leave, and Pupkin keeps pursuing.

King Of Comedy

Marsha and Langford are all alone, and he's kidnapped, and she's in love. She goes through an entire date with him, while he's tied up.

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