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A Loss of Roses

Lila is on a porch watching a mother lead her son to school.

Camino Real

A woman trapped in limbo cautions her male companion not to fall in love with her.

Death of a Salesman

Linda, Willy's wife, stays for a moment longer at his gravestone.

All About Eve

Eve tells her touching back story, even though we find out later its all false.


Christine monologues to the child posing as her son that her only hope is if he admits he isn't her son.

Girl, Interrupted

Lisa monologues to Daisy about her getting out of the facility, but never really got free, and is in fact the most messed up out of them all.


Claudia is asked whether or not she loves her mother in court, and monologues on what she thinks about love, and how it's too much and not enough at the same time.

Blood Diamond

Maddy monologues about her passion for her work, and that Danny had better help or get out of her way.

Chasing Amy

Amy monologues about how she doesn't do threesomes anymore, and how those things will create more problems. She loves him, and she's done.

Erin Brockovich

Erin shuts down the representatives of the company by putting their monetary offering in perspective.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Evelyn monologues about how great getting mad feels. And continues the rant about changing the way things are (IE wrinkles being made attractive)


Linda tells her husband's lawyer Alan that she cheated on her husband so many times, and that she wants the will changed with her out of it because she loves him.

Million Dollar Baby

Maggie tells Mr. Dunn the straight up truth on where she is and where she's been.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Saunders gives Jeff a pep talk to get him motivated.


Diana rants about the future of the network and throws out ideas on capitalizing on urban guerrilla warfare. Then she threatens to fire everyone if they don't shape up.

The Notebook

Allie monologues about her parents' reaction to her infatuation and justifies everything they did.

Primary Colors

Libby cornering Jack. She tells him if he moves on Freddie she will burn down the village to save it.


Sara rants about fate, and how she trusts it to guide her true.

When a Man Loves a Woman

Alice gives her talk at an AA meeting. She describes her alcoholism and what happened, and what she hopes lies ahead in her life.

Mommie Dearest

Wow. This is an insane monologue from an insane woman.

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