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12 Monkeys

Jeffery rants about why his ex-shrink knows about his plan. Very unique.

Cast Away

Chuck talks about his experience from hopelessness to hope while being stuck alone on an island for 5 years.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

The entire filibuster monologue. There is a senator Payne if you'd like to do that part. Mr. Smith extemporizes on the problems of politics.


Howard gets tired of the bullshit, and talks about the voice tasking him.


Howard's famous rant, mad as hell and I'm not (f-ing) gonna take it anymore


Howard's famous rant about the power of the TV, then screams at everyone to turn it off.


Aurthur Jensens oscar nominated (best supporting 1977) speech. This was the only scene he was in in the movie. Could have a Howard there if you want.

The Glass Menagerie

Tom expounds on the areas of history and charm.

Mio's father has been executed for a crime he did not commit. And even though he loves Miriam (short for Miriamne) he tells her to leave.

Any Given Sunday

Tony monologues the team during halftime.

BoonDock Saints

Smecker yells at his police force about letting rumors go out about the two guys who seek retribution from criminals who escape justice.

Boondock Saints

Smecker monologues about the potential of the hits that they are investigating.

The Fisher King

Jack rants about the joke of life.

Saving Private Ryan

A nice monologue about the plane getting loaded up with too much steel to protect a general, causing 22 men to die.

The Fountainhead

Howard gives his take on society, god, and justifies why he blew up a building he designed.

A Police Monologue

A sort of rant by a police officer who feels like he's ok, then reads a letter in the newspaper from a kid to his dying father, and gets all choked up.


Rev. Briegleb monologues to the public about the imperial dishonesty of the LA police dept.

21 Grams

Paul monologues to Cristina about how he needed a heart, and got it from her husband dying.

Any Given Sunday

Tony D'Amato gives his speech, inch by inch, Fight live die by that inch...

Boiler Room

Jim monologues to the new recruits the rules of the company. They are there to work hard and get stinking rich.

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