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Gittes is getting to the bottom of the puzzle. He's found Mulrays girlfriend, he's got Evelyn for murder, and the proof. She is caught, but not in the way Gittes thinks. He literally beats the answers out of her, then she gives all the information Gittes ...

Pi: Faith in Chaos

Max Cohen, a number theorist, approaches his old mathematics mentor, Sol Robeson, about a very controversial theory he's exploring, and they engage in a very heated argument.

The Verdict

Frank Galvin monologues to the jury about modern thoughts of justice and religious. He closes by saying he has faith in their ability to bee justice.

Eyes Wide Shut

Bill and Alice play the truth game stoned in bed one night. They find out things they didn't want to know.


A psychiatrist, Dr. Martin Dysart, becomes obsessed with the pathology of his patient, a young man named Alan Strang who blinded several horses with a hoof pick. In this scene, Dysart questions Alan about a past encounter with a girl named Jill, an encou ...

The Day the Clown Cried

A Nazi officer questions Helmut, and confuses him with his inferred logic.

In Good Company

Carter asks Dan to meet him for lunch. Dan thinks he is getting fired. Carter convinces Dan to try the sushi even though Dan hates it. Carter asks Dan to be an 'Awesome wingman'. Dan throws it back in his face and asks why. Carter replies by saying 'You g ...

When Harry Met Sally

The diner scene. Sally tells Harry the chicks could be faking, he says no way, she fakes it at the table in the middle of the diner.

Being John Malkovich

This is a combination of two separate scenes from the film. Craig desperately tries to flirt with Maxine as she coldly shoots him down. Craig also tells Maxine about the portal into Malkovich's head, and Maxine forms a business plan.

American Beauty

Carolyn is angry at Lester for selling and then buying a new car (1970 firebird). Lester and Carolyn almost get down and dirty, but she kills the mood by worrying about beer on the couch.

The Apartment

Sheldrake calls Bud into his office and traps him into coming clean about lending out his apartment to execs who are carrying on affairs. Then the phone rings, and Bud tries to escape, then it turns out Sheldrake wants to have his own affair in the apart ...

Girl, Interrupted

After escaping from the mental hospital, Susanna & Lisa drop in on Daisy, who has recently been released from the institution. Thanks to Lisa, things turn bad pretty quickly.

Of Mice and Men

Lenny is talking to Curley's wife. She gets Lenny to pet her and he loses it and kills her.

A Walk in the Clouds

Paul, a young soldier returning home from WWII, has just been thrown off a bus for defending a young woman. He encounters said young woman on the side of the road, and she relays her predicament to him.

Back to the Future

Marty "parks" with his mom from the past.

The Wings of the Dove

After Millie’s death, Merton returns to London, but doesn’t inform Kate of his return. He is grieving Millie’s death even as a letter arrived from her lawyers informing him of his inheritance. Kate finally comes to his apartment to see him. The ordeal ...

Dolores Claiborne

Dolores confronts her daughter, Selena, about her suspicion that she was sexually abused by her father as a child.

Pulp Fiction

The opening of the film. Yolanda/Honey Bunny and Ringo/Pumpkin are sitting in a diner, formulating their next move.

The Godfather

Sonny is upset about the hit on his father. Hagen tries to calm him down, when Michael volunteers to do the retaliation personally.


The beginning speech where Patton is in front of an American Flag.

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