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Dirty Dancing

Baby goes to Johnny's room and professes how she feels about him. They dance.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Cynthia has been having an affair with her sister’s husband, John. When John’s old friend Graham shows up in town, not only is John’s wife Ann drawn to him, but so is Cynthia. She even goes to his house and makes an “interview” tape on which she masturb ...

The Devil's Advocate

Courtroom scene. The prosecutor questions Barbara to build a case against Mr. Gettes. Then Kevin cross examines and shuts the whole thing down.

Coal  Miner's Daughter

Doo brings Loretta a guitar for their anniversary. Short scene


Annie brings Paul nice new expensive paper from town for him to type his masterpiece on! Paul tells her the paper isn't good, because the ink smudges. Then she flips out.

Carnal Knowledge

Ann and Jonathan argue about their future: Ann wants Jonathan to marry her, Jonsthan wants her to get a life and always be available to him.

Leaving Los Vegas

Sera tells a story of a man she worked with when she had started being a prostitute. She remembers how good of a memory it was. After that, Ben says he likes being with her.

King of Comedy

Pupkin finally gets up the nerve to ask Rita out on a date. He tries everything to get her to go out with him.

Guess Who

Simon feels like Theresa's family doesn't like him. She tries to reassure him, while he starts playing with her lingerie. Then Bernie Mac bursts in.

My Girl

Vada and Thomas talk about who they will marry when they are older, then they practice kissing each other.


Howard's famous rant, mad as hell and I'm not (f-ing) gonna take it anymore

21 Grams

Jack Jordan is in prison for killing a man and two children in a hit-and-run accident. He angrily confesses to Reverend John that he feels betrayed and abandoned by God, while Rev. John attempts to save Jack's faith.

The Break-Up

Gary and Brooke begin arguing about doing the dishes and cleaning up after a dinner party, but it quickly escalates into a much bigger fight.

Bull Durham

Nuke and Crash have one last chat in the locker room before Nuke goes up to the majors.

Unbearable Lightness of Being

Tomas runs into Sabina for the first time in a while. She says she's met someone else and he is far more wonderful than Tomas except he doesn't like her hat. Tomas says he'll call her.

Girl, Interrupted

Lisa monologues to Daisy about her getting out of the facility, but never really got free, and is in fact the most messed up out of them all.

Conspiracy Theory

Jerry tells Liza his insane theories.

Enemy of the State

Stacy confronts Dean about seeing his adulterous lover Rachel behind her back. She kicks her out.

The Mask

Stanley goes to Doctor Neuman to try and figure out the mask's origins. Then Stanley tries to put on the mask to prove its power, and it doesn't work.

Erin Brockovich

Erin shuts down the representatives of the company by putting their monetary offering in perspective.

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