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Mean Streets

Charlie is sitting in Tony's bar when Johnny arrives with a couple of girls. Charlie pulls Johnny into the back room to discuss Johnny's inability to manage his debts.

White Oleander

Astrid confronts her mother Ingrid while she is in jail. She trades with her mother, her mother must tell the truth, and Astrid will lie in court.

Short Cuts

Doreen and Earl are an unhappy, blue collar couple in their forties. They live in a small trailer-type house in a bad section of Los Angeles. Doreen works at a diner as a waitress. Earl works a string of dead-end jobs, his current one being a limo driv ...

Raging Bull

Final monologue by Jake.

The Godfather 2

Michael talks to Pentageli about Roth organizing the hit, even though Michael knows it was Pentageli. In order to trap Pentageli, Michael asks him to give over terms to the Rosato brothers.

Grand Canyon

Dee asks Jane's advice about the affair she's having with a married man.


Jenna meets her new doctor after she gets pregnant.


George confronts his old friend and partner Diego, who has stolen his most important drug trafficking connection.


Aurthur Jensens oscar nominated (best supporting 1977) speech. This was the only scene he was in in the movie. Could have a Howard there if you want.


Dante’s day goes from bad to worse when he gets the news of Caitlin’s engagement. Then Caitlin unexpectedly shows up at the deli, where Dante is having trouble coping; she’s taken the train down from school to see him. She doesn’t know what she wants an ...

Schindler's List

Schindler starts losing it. He blames himself and keeps questioning himself what more he could have done.

Enemy of the State

Rachel argues with Dean about how he uses her.

Bull Durham

Annie accidentally calls Nuke Crash. Then gets him to forget it with twisted logic, and Nuke starts talking about how he doesn't even really like baseball, and Annie gets him to see a different side of things.

When Harry Met Sally

Five years ago, Harry and Sally shared a car from the University of Chicago to New York City together. They didn’t know each other that well; Harry was dating Sally’s friend Amanda. They didn’t exactly hit it off; Harry completely annoyed Sally, and whe ...

Goin' South

Julie Monroe, out of desperation, has saved Henry Moon from the gallows by marrying him. in order to employ him to work her land. This document contains two scenes: In the first scene, Henry and Julie have their first dinner together after their first da ...

The Aftrican Queen

Allnut explains the situation, and how they are stuck on the wrong side of the battle lines. Rose then starts to hatch an idea of creating a torpedo out of what they have on board to attack a German battleship.

40 Year Old Virgin

Cal, David, Jay, and Andy play poker and start talking about their sexual exploits. It comes out Andy is.... a 40 year old virgin.

A Walk in the Clouds

Paul, a young soldier returning home from WWII, has just been thrown off a bus for defending a young woman. He encounters said young woman on the side of the road, and she relays her predicament to him.

Leaving Los Vegas

Sera asks Ben why he's killing himself. He responds with saying he doesn't remember, he just knows he wants to. She ends up asking him to stay at her place.

Starting Over

Phil is the ex-husband of Jesse and now he's dating Marylin even though he's not totally over Jesse. He and Marylin stumble upon Jesse, and all three talk. He walks Marylin to her room, comes back down to help Jesse, then they end up doing the naughty.

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