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Bruce Almighty

A hilarious scene where Evan tries to give the news, but is sabotaged by Bruce. He starts speaking gibberish and losing his mind, no matter how hard he tries to control it.


Ace tells Ginger he wants to marry her. She tells him she doesn't love him. He tells her he can deal with that, and regardless she'll be set for life if she marries him.


Nicky meets Ace in the desert and they have a big ol' argument. Nicky is pissed that Ace went over his head with people. Ace tries to explain to Nicky what's really going on.


Ace and Ginger are out at dinner. Even though they are back together, Ace can't let go of the past. He harps on Ginger until she gets pissed and leaves.


Ace and Ginger really have it out. Ginger has had enough, she wants her money and she wants to be gone. Ace hates her because he loves her, so he screams at her to get out. Then he locks her outside and won't let her get their child.


Ginger goes to Nicky after her fight with Ace. Ginger basically does what she has to to get Nicky to try and help her get her jewelry out of the bank.

Dark City

White goes to Dr. Schreber to find out who he is. Schreber gives him more questions than answers.

The English Patient

Caravaggio questions the patient as to his motives for his betrayal. The patient claims, with renewed vigor, the British betrayed him.

Forest Gump

Jenny is pissed at Forest for always doing the wrong thing, then he tells her he's going to Vietnam, and she tells him to be careful.

His Girl Friday

Hildy comes to Walter to tell him she is getting married. In a whirlwind of insults he convinces her to help him with his next project. It's a little long, it may need trimming down.

Independence Day

Steve and David are trapped in their ship in the giant mothership alien vessel. They sit around and launch a nuclear missile, and then suddenly they are freed. A weird sort of scene, but if you can manage to do it on stage it could be fun.

The Prophecy

Interesting scene. ArchAngel Gabriel won't let Jerry die, because he needs him. And all Jerry wants to do is die. Gabriel promises to let him die with one more favor.

Pulp Fiction

Vincent and Jules debate the significance of Vincent taking care of Ms. Wallace, and him giving women foot massages.

Man on the Moon

George excitedly tells Andy he's going to be on a show called Taxi, and Andy refuses to do it. George talks him into it, then Andy writes his terms, which are ridiculous.

Man On The Moon

Andy tells everyone he has cancer. But nobody believes him.

Meet Joe Black

A young man meets Susan in a coffee shop, and they immediately hit it off.

Meet Joe Black

Parrish is sitting in his study, when suddenly a voice comes along and sets him straight. Then a young man walks out of no where claiming he is Death, and that Parrish will die, but that Death wants a chance to experience human life. An interesting scene.

The Reader

Michael comes home upset, and Hanna consoles him. He admits to falling head over heels for her, and asks her if she loves him.

The Reader

Hanna and Michael are angry at each other. Michael wants to go to a party his friends are having for him, and Hanna is angry.

Waiting in the Wings

Two old friends talk about their past. They finally discuss betrayal and infidelity after thirty years and resolve their differences to be friends again.

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