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The Godfather

Sonny is upset about the hit on his father. Hagen tries to calm him down, when Michael volunteers to do the retaliation personally.

The Godfather

Michael tries to buy the casino from Moe. Moe gets upset and Freddo takes Moe's side. After Moe leaves, Michael tells Freddo never to do that again.

The Godfather 2

Michael first talks to Hagen about the hit Roth engineered. Then Michael tells Fredo he's done.

The Godfather 2

After someone tries to kill Michael, Michael tells Tom Hagen that he is the only one he can trust. And that Tom is going to be the Don while Michael is away.

The Godfather 2

Michael and Roth talk about Pentageli's betrayal. Roth agrees with Michael in that nothing changes their plans.

The Godfather 2

Michael talks to Pentageli about Roth organizing the hit, even though Michael knows it was Pentageli. In order to trap Pentageli, Michael asks him to give over terms to the Rosato brothers.

The Godfather 2

Kay is slowly losing her faith in her marriage. She goes to Hagen for council, and asks him to tell her the truth. Hagen tells her all he can, but it is made clear he's responsible for her well being.

The Godfather 2

Roth monologues about the past and the origin of Las Vegas to Michael.

The Godfather 2

Hagen and Pentageli talk about the old days, and Hagen makes it clear he has betrayed them, and in order to save his family he has to kill himself. They shake.

The Godfather 2

The last scene of Godfather 2. Ideally with a Don Corleone, but since Brando didn't show up for the scene, they shot it without him... but here it is in its original version.

The Goodfellas

Karen comes to visit Henry in jail and sees that his mistress is visiting him. She confronts him on it, and he calms her down.

Groundhog Day

Phil tells Rita he's stuck on the same day forever, and she begins to believe him. Then she sticks with him throughout the day, and he explains its goods and bads.

High Fidelity

Rob monologues about reorganizing his records, then his mother calls and lectures him on it being his fault.

High Fidelity

Rob asks Laura to marry him. But not because he wants to actually marry her, it's because he is finally ready to grow up. He tries to explain it to Laura, and she gets it.

Lost in Translation

Bob and Charlotte meet for the first time at a bar, they hit it off right away.

Midnight Cowboy

Rizzo takes Joe to his loft. They wake up the next morning and Rizzo and Joe talk about management.

Mission Impossible

Ethan meets Kittridge in a cafe after Ethan's entire team has been killed. Kittridge implies that Ethan is the mole, so Ethan runs.

My Girl

Vada and Thomas talk about who they will marry when they are older, then they practice kissing each other.

Notting Hill

William sneaks into Annie's hotel room under the lie that he is a reporter for the magazine "Horses and Hounds." While he wants to see her, whenever the assistant comes into the room he needs to act like he is the reporter.

Raging Bull

Jake is slipping into paranoia. He keeps asking Joey if he's done anything with his wife. Joey's story keeps changing so Jake keeps pursuing and slipping further and further in.

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