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Libby approaches Jack about being dishonorable. When he refuses to change his campaign structure she quits.

Reservoir Dogs

The first scene in the movie. They're all sitting around the table, arguing about the tip.


Max and Mr. Blume meet for the first time in a while in an elevator and catch up awkwardly. Then Max starts to reveal a grandiose plan.

Sex and the City

Carrie and Aiden are moving in together. They start to fight over closet space, then the dog chews up a shoe, and they really get into it.

Some Like It Hot

Joe is posing as a rich man, and he tries to trap sugar with his bumbleeness. As they walk around the lavish room he tries to act like it's all his.

Stanley and Iris

Iris is teaching Stanley how to read, but he hasn't done his homework. They start to fight, and she ends up complaining about her life. Stanley offers to help by ironing.

The Aftrican Queen

Allnut explains the situation, and how they are stuck on the wrong side of the battle lines. Rose then starts to hatch an idea of creating a torpedo out of what they have on board to attack a German battleship.

The Break-Up

Gary goes to the bar where Johnny is the bartender after he has a fight with his girlfriend. Johnny ends up making Gary paranoid his girl is cheating on him, and also Johnny implies he'll kill the guy she's cheating on him with.

The Gift

Wayne comes to Annie to ask if she knew her husband would be hurt the day at the plant. The Jessica comes up and asks Wayne to come help with her father.

The Gift

After Jessica dies, Annie goes to Wayne to help him. She tells him that Donnie isn't the killer, and she doesn't yet know who is. The last line is, its not over...

The Gift

Courtroom scene of the Prosecutor and the Defense questioning Annie about her ability.

The Replacements

McGinty goes to ask Shane if he will quarterback his team during the strike.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Noelle tries to cheer Abby up about how attractive she is while everybody around them is attracted to Noelle.

True Romance

Virgil goes to Alabama to get the information on where the drugs are. Starts to kick the crap out of her, and then is about to kill her when things swing the other way.

Dr. Strangelove

General Ripper gives an insane monologue about the Communist plan to sap our bodily fluids.



Jim's opening statement in the trial of the century. This thing is long, so you might want to cut it up.

An American President

Shepard takes the press podium and monologues about his love life, his politics, and his opponent.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus Finch's legendary closing argument in the trial of Tim Robinson.

The Accused

Murphy's opening statement. She summarizes what the prosecution intends to do, and points out the fact that Tobias was raped, and that is terrible, period.

The Godfather

Sonny is upset about the hit on his father. Hagen tries to calm him down, when Michael volunteers to do the retaliation personally.

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