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Indecent Proposal

David's jealousy gets the best of him as he grills Dianna about her night with Gage.

Primal Fear

In these 3 scenes, Janet and Marty have disagreements about the case as their past together gets in the way.


Ronny professes his love to Loretta and promises to leave her alone if she promises to go with him to the opera.

Four Rooms-"The Wrong Man"

When Ted the Bellhop unsuspectingly goes into Sigfried's room where the latter has Angela tied up, he is mistaken for someone else. Sigfried threatens Ted at gunpoint and puts him in a very awkward situation.

G.I. Jane

Max tries to intimidate and bully Jordan (female) into telling him what she knows. The other guys try to get him to stop. Both Jordan and Max insist that she is treated no differently than the men.

Mighty Aphrodite

Linda is a call-girl and thinks Lenny is her next appointment when he shows up at her door. Lenny simply wants to get to know her better after learning that she is the biological mother of his adopted son.

Losing Isaiah

Khaila (the birth mother and former junkie) and Margaret (the adoptive mother) argue over Isaiah and who would be better suited as his mother, given their pasts and current situations.

The Women

Mary (Steven's wife) approaches Crystal (Steven's mistress) about their affair. The two argue over whether Crystal should see Mary's daughter and whom Steven prefers to be with.

Thelma & Louise

In these 3 scenes, Louise coaches Thelma on how to act, she finds out the huge mistake she made, and the two of them try to figure out what to do next.

Grand Canyon

Dee asks Jane's advice about the affair she's having with a married man.

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Ike tries to get Tina to sing the song the way he thinks it should be sung.


Connie shows up at Paul's door. He tries to seduce her and she begins to think it was all a mistake.

21 Grams

Cristina and Paul reconnect and she learns that he has her dead husband's heart.

Adam's Rib

Amanda interrogates Doris about the shooting of her husband.

After Hours

Paul hides out in an apartment with a woman "stuck" in 1962.

Carolyn argues with Lester about his change in behavior; Lester feels his power.

Barefoot in the Park

Paul and Corie argue after dinner with her mother. What they truly feel for each other is revealed.


Carl stops by Molly's apartment to chat. As the conversation progresses, she realizes that he has an ulterior motive.



After another night out, Linda makes Gia choose between her or the drugs.

Good Will Hunting

Skylar asks Will to go to California with her. Will reveals his dark past.

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