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A Walk in the Clouds

Paul, a young soldier returning home from WWII, has just been thrown off a bus for defending a young woman. He encounters said young woman on the side of the road, and she relays her predicament to him.

A Walk in the Clouds

After being torn apart by Victoria's father during dinner, Paul excuses himself to get some air. Victoria follows him outside.


Quint's great speech about the USS Indianapolis.

After Hours

Gail leads Paul to her apartment so he can use her phone. Paul discovers that she's just as crazy as everyone else he's met so far.


The beginning speech where Patton is in front of an American Flag.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry and Rod discuss Rod's football career, and Rod confronts Jerry about why he got married.

Primal Fear

Aaron's alter-ego Roy surfaces during a meeting with Martin.

Dolores Claiborne

Dolores confronts her daughter, Selena, about her suspicion that she was sexually abused by her father as a child.

Single White Female

Heddy comforts Allison after her boss tries to rape her.

Kate torments her sister Bianca. Their father, Baptista, enters and chides Kate.

Reservoir Dogs

After their job goes wildly wrong, Mr. Pink & Mr. White show up at the established meeting point, an abandoned warehouse, and argue about what to do. Mr. Blonde shows up.

Girl, Interrupted

After escaping from the mental hospital, Susanna & Lisa drop in on Daisy, who has recently been released from the institution. Thanks to Lisa, things turn bad pretty quickly.

How to Marry A Millionaire

Three women, models in NYC, have decided to collaborate in finding themselves wealthy husbands. After snagging some prospects, the women bring their men to a very upscale restaurant. After getting to know the men a little more, the women meet in the res ...

Boiler Room

Seth warns Chris that the FBI is onto them.

Wall Street

Gekko's legendary speech "greed is good".

GlenGary Glen Ross

Alec Baldwin's great monologue, he gives the ultimatum. see or get out.

And Justice for All

Arthur Kirkland's great opening speech for the jury. He starts off great, then he flips out and accuses his own client of being guilty.

The Grapes of Wrath

Tom monologues about being an outlaw, and just trying to do good works.

Schindler's List

Schindler starts losing it. He blames himself and keeps questioning himself what more he could have done.

All My Sons

Ann & Chris finally confess the depth of their feelings for one another, and Chris explains how his experience in the war changed him.

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