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My Best Friends Wedding

They are on a boat talking about the moment passing you by. Classic romantic comedy lovey dovey scene.


Diana rants about the future of the network and throws out ideas on capitalizing on urban guerrilla warfare. Then she threatens to fire everyone if they don't shape up.


Rev. Briegleb monologues to the public about the imperial dishonesty of the LA police dept.


Bugsy Siegel & Virginia Hill meet for the first time on the set of a movie in which Virginia is acting.


A nice film noir scene. Gittes comes to see Evelyne's husband, but instead plays a cat and mouse game with her.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Jane & John have each discovered who the other really is, but continue to play house as long as possible in an attempt to deceive and ultimately assassinate one another.

Kramer Vs Kramer

Ted talks to Margaret about his wife leaving him and their son.

The Reader

Michael comes home upset, and Hanna consoles him. He admits to falling head over heels for her, and asks her if she loves him.

The Ref

A married couple with serious issues attempts to work with a therapist.

The Other Sister

Daniel and Carla read through the karma sutra, and discuss love, and them, and their relationship.

Boiler Room

Seth warns Chris that the FBI is onto them.


Andrew goes to Joe to get representation against the legal firm he used to work at, but was fired. He believes it was wrongful termination because he is a homosexual and has AIDS. Andrew tells Joe the story, and Joe refuses to represent him.

Kramer vs. Kramer

Joanna and Ted meet for the first time in months. Joanna informs Ted of how much she misses their son and wants custody of him. Ted gets enraged at the news.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus Finch's legendary closing argument in the trial of Tim Robinson.

Say Anything

Lloyd tells Diane he loves her. She tells him she can't date him anymore. Brutal...

When a Man Loves a Woman

Michael comes home to find his wife Alice, a recovering alcoholic, in the depths of depression. He tries to talk to her, and a very heated argument ensues.

Broadcast News

Jane is a television news editor, a compulsive perfectionist, passionate and obsessive about excellence. She loves her job and gives it two hundred percent. She meets Tom at a convention where she’s just given a speech that bombed because it had integri ...

The Grapes of Wrath

Tom monologues about being an outlaw, and just trying to do good works.

The Fountain

Tommy returns home to find his wife Isabel, who is dying of a brain tumor, sitting outside in the snow looking through a telescope.

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