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Kramer Vs Kramer

Courtroom scene. Jim Kramer is questioned by both the prosecutor and the defense in the trial for custody of his son.

Mother and Son

A nagging mother calls her son on the phone and annoys the crap out of him. From the classic improv comedy routine from Nichols and May.


Levinsky meets Claudia for the first time. He has been assigned to her case. She wants to stand trial even though everyone thinks she is incompetent. Levinsky starts to believe she can stand trial, and she convinces him she's up for it.

Reversal of Fortune

Von Bulow meets Prof. Dershowitz and tries to convince him to take his appeal.

Starting Over

Phil is the ex-husband of Jesse and now he's dating Marylin even though he's not totally over Jesse. He and Marylin stumble upon Jesse, and all three talk. He walks Marylin to her room, comes back down to help Jesse, then they end up doing the naughty.

The Apartment

Kubilik wakes up in Baxter's apartment after she tries to kill herself. Baxter consoles, helps, and convinces her to stay there while she recuperates.

The Competition

Paul Harrison pleads with the Judge to let him die because he is completely paralyzed.

The Competition

Paul talks to Heidi the night after they sleep together. Through an argument they resolve the issue of who wins and what matters.

The Competition

Heidi won the competition and she loves Paul, but Paul is being glib and trying to get away.

The Fountainhead

Roark talks to the Dean after he has been expelled. The Dean proposes a deal for him to be expected back which is dependent on his loss of individualism. Roark refuses, and the Dean is shocked.

True Colors

Tim comes to congratulate Peter on being elected as congressman. Then Tim lets Peter know he's going to be indicted because of all the shady practice he's done to get elected.

Unbearable Lightness of Being

Tomas runs into Sabina for the first time in a while. She says she's met someone else and he is far more wonderful than Tomas except he doesn't like her hat. Tomas says he'll call her.

Wall Street

Bud confronts Gekko about screwing hundreds of people out of their jobs so he can make a little money. Gekko thinks he convinces Bud that that's just the way things are.

Wall Street

Bud meets Gekko for the first time and tries to impress him with the deals he can get him in on.

When Harry Met Sally

The diner scene. Sally tells Harry the chicks could be faking, he says no way, she fakes it at the table in the middle of the diner.

White Palace

Nora approaches Max in a bar. He refuses all attempts to court him, then when he talks about his dead wife they connect because her son died of Leukemia.


Rev. Briegleb monologues to the public about the imperial dishonesty of the LA police dept.


Christine tells Police Chief Jones that the boy she has is not her son Walter. Jones tries to explain his way out of it. Christine is very adamant, it is not her son.


Christine monologues to the child posing as her son that her only hope is if he admits he isn't her son.


Chief Jones yells at Christine for shirking her motherly responsibility, then he has her committed.

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