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Death to Smoochy

Randolf barges into Nora's place assuming he is back in the limelight after Sheldon is ousted. Through the conversation Nora figures out Randolf was behind the whole thing.


Jenna meets her new doctor after she gets pregnant.

Who's on First

The classic back and forth.

About Last Night

A funny back and forth between Deberah and Dan.


Interesting scene. Constantine slits his wrists, so the devil comes to collect his soul. Then Constantine gets him to look in the next room because Satan's son is trying to become born into the world.


Roy tells Myra he doesn't want to work with her. Good fight scene.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

General Jack D. Ripper, the delusional commander of a US Air Force base, initiates a plan to attack the Soviet Union with nuclear weapons, even though there is no immediate threat. Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, an RAF exchange officer serving as General ...

In and Out

Emily learns that her husband is gay. She's upset.


Gittes is getting to the bottom of the puzzle. He's found Mulrays girlfriend, he's got Evelyn for murder, and the proof. She is caught, but not in the way Gittes thinks. He literally beats the answers out of her, then she gives all the information Gittes ...

Point Break

Utah pesters Pappas until he tells him his theory on who the bank robbers are, "They are Surfers!" Could use a third office person if you want.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry and Rod discuss Rod's football career, and Rod confronts Jerry about why he got married.

Mean Streets

Johnny arrives late to meet Charlie at Tony's bar in order to speak with Michael about Johnny's unpaid debts. Things get messy.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Byrd visits Barris on the set of the dating game with a new mission. Barris incredulously says he doesn't have to kill anymore because he has a hit show. Byrd tells him he kills because he likes to.


George (a chick) professes her undying love to Chopin. He declines at first, but then she somehow persuades him to let himself love her in return.

East of Eden

Abra tells Cal about when she threw away a three hundred dollar diamond ring. She talks about her father issues, then teases Cal about the girl that is staring at them.

The Fisher King

Parry and Jack are in Central Park late at night. Parry tries to convince Jack to let loose, while Jack tries to bring Parry back to reality. Parry also tells Jack the story of The Fisher King.

The Godfather 2

Michael talks to Pentageli about Roth organizing the hit, even though Michael knows it was Pentageli. In order to trap Pentageli, Michael asks him to give over terms to the Rosato brothers.


Immediately after the murder, Brandon and Phillip discuss what happened as they prepare for some dinner guests. Phillip is disturbed by the whole scenario as Brandon tries to convince him everything is fine.

Nine to Five

In these 2 scenes, the 3 women discuss how much they detest their boss because of how he treats them. They then begin to consider revenge.


Gittes is saved by Evelyn. She helps dress his nose wound, while he talks about the confusing times he had in Chinatown. Then they do it.

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