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Funny Girl

Franny monologues about her views on talent and life. She's a bagel among onion rolls...

Wall Street

Bud meets Gekko for the first time and tries to impress him with the deals he can get him in on.

East of Eden

Abra is questioning her love for Aaron. Cal uses this opportunity to make a move.

The Gift

Wayne comes to Annie to ask if she knew her husband would be hurt the day at the plant. The Jessica comes up and asks Wayne to come help with her father.

Conspiracy Theory

Jerry tells Liza his insane theories.

Music Box

Ann Talbot, an attorney, learns that her father, Mike Laszlo, has been indicted for alleged war crimes during World War II. He insists that it is a case of mistaken identity. Anne resolves to defend her father, and as the case progresses, she learns that ...

Fight Club

Jack and Tyler have their final confrontation, and Jack finds a way to rid himself of Tyler forever.


Mary, a fundamentalist Christian, asks her equally Christian mother, Lillian, about an event that recently took place: Mary's boyfriend, Dean, realized that he was gay, and although Mary tried to help him by turning him heterosexual, Dean's parents found ...

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Nina and Jamie were married and passionately in love when Jamie died. Jamie was a cellist with a deep and dramatic personality, Nina less dramatic – she works a regular job, but has great friends who care about her. Her life was shattered when Jamie die ...

The Wings of the Dove

After Millie’s death, Merton returns to London, but doesn’t inform Kate of his return. He is grieving Millie’s death even as a letter arrived from her lawyers informing him of his inheritance. Kate finally comes to his apartment to see him. The ordeal ...

Basic Instinct

Nick comes to Catherine's apartment to ask more questions. She apparently has done research on him. She asks him questions about his shooting and his coke usage. He reveals more than he means to.


Lianna is the young wife of a film studies professor at a small college. She used to be his student; they had an affair and now have been married several years, much of it unhappily. Dick still sleeps with his students, and takes no pains to hide it fro ...


Nicky meets Ace in the desert and they have a big ol' argument. Nicky is pissed that Ace went over his head with people. Ace tries to explain to Nicky what's really going on.

Being There

Eve comes into Chauncy's bedroom with the intent of seducing him, but Chauncy's mind is on other matters. However, a strange misunderstanding leads Eve to the sexual satisfaction she was seeking, and she leaves the room even more smitten with Chauncy.

Coming Home

Bob is hopeless because Sally is cheating on him, and the army doesn't want him back. He starts to lose it and puts a gun to his head. Luke comes in, and helps convince Bob not to kill himself.

When Harry Met Sally

As they're getting to know each other, Harry and Sally discuss how men and women can't be just friends.

Man on the Moon

George excitedly tells Andy he's going to be on a show called Taxi, and Andy refuses to do it. George talks him into it, then Andy writes his terms, which are ridiculous.


Maxim convinces his new wife he never loved his dead wife Rebecca. Then tells her Rebecca's body isn't the one in the grave, and that her body is in the lake.

Boiler Room

Seth warns Chris that the FBI is onto them.

Kate torments her sister Bianca. Their father, Baptista, enters and chides Kate.

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