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Kissing Jessica Stein

Two women talk about trying out lesbianism.

Blood Diamond

Maddy finds Archer drinking alone. She joins him and gets to know more about his painful past and why he's seeking the blood diamond. His hard exterior begins to crack a little, and they connect.

Dirty Dancing

Baby goes to Johnny's room and professes how she feels about him. They dance.

King of Comedy

Pupkin tries to see Langford and gets stopped by the secretary. He pushes enough to get Cathy Long out to see him. She tells him she saw the tape and it was good, but a little weak. She also tells him he has no personality.

Before Sunset

Celine & Jesse take a boat ride, discuss their lives since their last encounter, and ponder why they never reconnected.

Family Man

Jack and Kate say goodbye in an airport.

Carolyn argues with Lester about his change in behavior; Lester feels his power.

Family Man

Jack runs into Cash and tries to save him. Jack then claims he has everything he wants, and Cash casts his spell.

Sophie's Choice

Stingo visits Sophie and Nathan, who are wildly in love and having a grand old time, and Stingo learns more about both Sophie and Nathan. The three of them are becoming fast friends.

Kissing Jessica Stein

Helen has Jessica over for a date, during which Jessica tries to wrap her brain around lesbianism. She shows Helen some research she's done on the topic as Helen tries to seduce her.

An American President

Shepard takes the press podium and monologues about his love life, his politics, and his opponent.

The Fountainhead

Howard gives his take on society, god, and justifies why he blew up a building he designed.

Jungle Fever

Flipper and Angie are on a date when they realize just how racist their community still is. Cops appear practically out of nowhere to arrest Flipper when their lovers wrestling is mistaken for assault.

Dog Day Afternoon

Sonny talks to Maretti while he has a gun to a hostage's head.

La Strada

Gelsomina is sold by her impoverished mother to the Gypsy Zampanò. Zampanò makes a living as a strongman and uses cruelty, both physical and emotional, to train Gelsomina as his assistant. During their travels, they become acquainted with another street ...

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Matt (Spencer Tracy) monologues on his conclusion about his daughter wanting to marry a black man in the 1960's

Waiting in the Wings

Two old friends talk about their past. They finally discuss betrayal and infidelity after thirty years and resolve their differences to be friends again.

The Game

Nicholas is firing Alan from the firm. In Nicholas' full profession stride, he is knocked off balance by being unable to open his briefcase. He composes himself and ends the conversation.

Something Wild

Lulu seduces Charlie, even though Charlie is really uptight about it. Then Charlie calls work to say he won't be back.

Chasing Amy

Amy monologues about how she doesn't do threesomes anymore, and how those things will create more problems. She loves him, and she's done.

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