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Breakfast at Tiffany's

Paul goes to Holly's appt to apologize. They decide to spend the day together in celebration of Paul selling a story.

Enemy of the State

Stacy confronts Dean about seeing his adulterous lover Rachel behind her back. She kicks her out.

Enemy of the State

Rachel argues with Dean about how he uses her.

Enemy of the State

Rachel finally believes Dean is being tracked by the government. They make up, and Dean makes a startling discovery.


Gregory tries to convince Paula to free him. She partially loses her mind but ends up refusing.

Good Will Hunting

The big breakup scene. Skylar wants will to come to California, and Will refuses. They have a big argument.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Sonya is angry at James for helping with her family. He turns the conversation back to her, and she tries to seduce him.

Guess Who

Simon feels like Theresa's family doesn't like him. She tries to reassure him, while he starts playing with her lingerie. Then Bernie Mac bursts in.

Hatful of Rain

Last time Celia and Johnny spoke they were getting divorced. They make up.

Jerry McGuire

Laurel talks to her sister Dorothy about her having sex with Jerry. And then Dorothy trash talks Jerry while Laurel says she loves him. And Jerry hears the whole thing.

Kissing Jessica Stein

Two women talk about trying out lesbianism.

Little Shop of Horrors

Audrey is upset that Oren (the dentist boyfriend) got murdered. Seymour tries to cheer her up. They break into song.

Monsters Ball

Leticia thanks Hank for helping her. Hank opens up, then they get closer than they thought they ever would.

Mystic Pizza

Kat is late and Daisy is pissed. The sisters argue.


Diane argues with Hacket to put Frank back on the air after his historic meltdown.


Howard gets tired of the bullshit, and talks about the voice tasking him.


Howard's famous rant, mad as hell and I'm not (f-ing) gonna take it anymore


Howard's famous rant about the power of the TV, then screams at everyone to turn it off.


Aurthur Jensens oscar nominated (best supporting 1977) speech. This was the only scene he was in in the movie. Could have a Howard there if you want.


Diane continually monologues about her views and life in college and such. Max keeps asking questions, then she cuts him off and takes him home.

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