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The Godfather 2

After someone tries to kill Michael, Michael tells Tom Hagen that he is the only one he can trust. And that Tom is going to be the Don while Michael is away.

Bound for Glory

Woody Guthrie and Ozark Bule run into and chat with their friend Luther Johnson as they're about to enter a radio station. They go on into the station, speak with Locke, the station's manager, and play some live music with Memphis Sue. They are repriman ...

Major League

Taylor comes to the library to get another chance with Lynn. He blew it last time, and she reminds him of it.

Good Will Hunting

Will explains why he plans to reject a job offer from the NSA.


Quint's great speech about the USS Indianapolis.

East of Eden

Abra waits for Aaron (Cals brother) in a sketchy place. A stranger comes up and hits on her. Cal walks up and Abra is really happy to see him. They chat about Aaron for a bit, and decide to hang out while they wait for him.

Leaving Los Vegas

Sera asks Ben why he's killing himself. He responds with saying he doesn't remember, he just knows he wants to. She ends up asking him to stay at her place.


Annie loves Paul, she is sweet to him. Then she breaks his ankles.


Lianna has moved out of the house she shared with her ex-husband Dick. She has her own apartment, and she’s gotten a job checking groceries. Lianna hasn’t been able to see her children often, and she knows that her lover, Ruth, is seeing her former love ...

Fight Club

Jack (Norton) tries to explain his split personality to Marla but she doesn't believe him.

The Return of the Secaucus 7

This group of friends named themselves the Secaucus 7 when they were arrested ten years earlier in Secaucus, NJ, on their way to a war protest in Washington. Now they’re all at a weekend reunion at Mike and Katie’s house in New England. Maura has just b ...

Strictly Ballroom

Scott Kendall is an exceptional young ballroom dancer in Australia. His parents were ballroom dancers before him, and they now own a ballroom dance studio. Fran is a beginning dancer. Scott has recently lost his dance partner, Liz. She left him at the ...


Connie shows up at Paul's door. He tries to seduce her and she begins to think it was all a mistake.

The Color Purple

Celie and Shug talk about Albert and how he doesn't love Celie. Shug loves Albert but he is too weak for her. She then tells Celie that she's beautiful.

Girl, Interrupted

After escaping from the mental hospital, Susanna & Lisa drop in on Daisy, who has recently been released from the institution. Thanks to Lisa, things turn bad pretty quickly.

12 Monkeys

Jeffery rants about why his ex-shrink knows about his plan. Very unique.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Mary is confined to bed after a near miscarriage. Her sister Anne arrives and they confront each other about their respective betrayals. This is a combination of two scenes.

Leaving Los Vegas

Sera tells Ben he should check out of the hotel and stay with her. He refuses. They both realize they both don't have anybody, and this is better than nothing. Ben relents on one condition, she will never ask him to stop drinking.


Marge meets with her old friend Mike. Turns out Mike is really depressed, and things get awkward fast.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Saunders gives Jeff a pep talk to get him motivated.

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