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Bringing Up Baby

Susan keeps unintentionally tormenting David. David responds very negatively, especially when Susan decides that David is mean because he likes her.


Dante finds out his girlfriend Veronica has blown 37 dudes. There is a two line walk-on by one of them.

Coal  Miner's Daughter

Doo wants Lynn to be of some use. Lynn wants Doo to get her a wedding ring. Short scene.

Coal  Miner's Daughter

Doo is moving to Kentucky and will send money for Loretta when he can. She wants him to convince her why she should go. He does, then she tells him she's pregnant.

Coal  Miner's Daughter

Doo brings Loretta a guitar for their anniversary. Short scene

Coal  Miner's Daughter

Doo tries to get Loretta to play in front of a bar of folk. She runs off. He follows her into the bathroom and lovingly yells at her that she has no choice. Short Scene.

Coal  Miner's Daughter

Loretta stands up for herself against Doo and tells him to ask her what she thinks. Doo thinks she wants a divorce. Short scene.

Cold Mountain

Ruby comes to help Ada with work. Ada thinks she is a servant. Ruby impresses her by showing how capable she is.

Cruel Intentions

Katherine teaches Cecile how to kiss. Then Katherine convinces Cecile to give her a copy of all the love letters Ronald has sent to her.

Double Indemnity

Neff comes over to Phyllis' house. Through her inquiry about accident insurance for her husband, Neff deduces she wants to kill her husband.

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde confuses Dr. Jekyl's Ivy by distorting the facts.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Amber is brushing Mary's hair when a clump of hair is pulled off making a bald spot. Then Becky comes in to score points with the cameras.

East of Eden

Abra tells Cal about when she threw away a three hundred dollar diamond ring. She talks about her father issues, then teases Cal about the girl that is staring at them.

East of Eden

Abra waits for Aaron (Cals brother) in a sketchy place. A stranger comes up and hits on her. Cal walks up and Abra is really happy to see him. They chat about Aaron for a bit, and decide to hang out while they wait for him.

East of Eden

Abra is questioning her love for Aaron. Cal uses this opportunity to make a move.

East of Eden

Cal goes to Abra and asks her to help him throw a party for his father. Then he confesses to hitting his brother.

East of Eden

Cal and Abra wait for his father to come home to surprise him with the party. Cal's brother Aaron is poor but still bringing a present for the father, and Cal worries it will be better than his. Cal continues to try to impress Abra and she starts to come ...

Ellie Parker

Ellie and Leslie talk about acting, then they race to see who can cry first.

Employee of the Month

David talks to a prostitute his friend sent named Whisper (played by Jenna Fischer). She offers to have sex with him, but instead he wants to talk about how he cheated on his fiance. Then he monologues about his life, and how he ended up where he is.

Enemy of the State

Dean meets with his ex-lover (with whom he cheated on his wife) for business over dinner.

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