George Clooney On The Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School

imdb-squareJames Lipton: Our students are interested in the training of our guests. I’ve seen reference in your bio to acting classes when you first moved to Los Angeles, was that the Beverly Hills Playhouse?

George Clooney: Sure, yeah. Milton Katselas.

James Lipton: And what were his classes like?

George Clooney:  It was scene study. In any other profession, you practice, you know, what you’re doing. You’d have some acting. You can’t just say, “I’m an actor,” and just do it. You need to work at it, learn sort of these underpinnings so that, when things go wrong, you are able to have to things to fall back on, and acting class did a great job. I was there for five years altogether and you could do showcases out there which I would produce eventually and I couldn’t afford to the class so I worked cleaning up the theatre afterwards for a while.

James Lipton:  For our students, how do you begin work on a role? Do you spend a lot of time with the script?

George Clooney: Yeah. I start from the beginning and go through the end and just try to figure out what the filmmaker is trying to say. What you’re trying to find is moments that will change a character and elements and external forces that will change it and move forward from there. You know, in acting classes, it used to be tell yourself a story, you know, what happens? You know, what’s the event happening in this scene?

James Lipton: Right.

George Clooney: Is it two people sitting on a park bench talking about baseball, or are they actually, you know, working their way into the bedroom?

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