The Victim/Ego Monster: BEWARE

The Victim/Ego Monster

A long-time student let it rip a couple weeks ago with a personal monologue about how lazy he is. He sure is lazy. Milton used to say he didn’t believe in “laziness,” and that being lazy was just another means of saying “lack of confront.” My take is whether you call it “laziness” or “lack of confront,” the guy is spending a lot of time on his couch at home reading the Game of Thrones novels, and that shit needs to change.

It was a terrific performance for the most part, and at one point he said the following, which was one of the clearest statements I’ve heard regarding a monstrous attitude problem common to actors and their career administration:

“I’m both a victim and I have an ego. Which means I feel I can’t do what I need to do, nor should I have to.”

WOW. Now that’s pretty damned brilliant. It’s also totally sick, but when you’re looking at a monster and how to defeat it, it’s handy to be able to describe it precisely. I share this because the Victim/Ego Monster exists to some degree in all of us, yet I had never heard it described so starkly. Beware.

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