Release Update - Beverly Hills Playhouse Release Update

The performance-tracking website I’ve been developing for a couple years has gone through a significant revision this summer that I think really improves the functionality.

The biggest change is that users of the site can proactively place their gig information on other users’ calendars. This change allows you to tell all your performer friends, “Listen – just put it on” And that’s it – you don’t have to do anything else. You truly no longer have to pay attention to overstuffed Facebook newsfeeds and event invitations, emails, texts, postcards, etc. You can tell your friend Joe Actor to put his performance information on the site, and Joe is responsible for putting the correct information on there, clicking your name, and his gigs appear in your calendar. You will also receive a weekly email every Sunday night with your friends’ gigs for the upcoming week.

In terms of the user interface, I’ve created a “My Relationships” page, where you’ll find a single list of names, and simple checkbox functionality to control whose calendar you want to appear on, and who exactly you want to appear on your calendar.

It’s a free site to use. Check it out: – “All the Gig Info, None of the Noise.”

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