Lifecycle Of A Project And What The Actor Controls


From the Department of Context, a sketch of the lifecycle of a project. In boldface, the items over which actors have control:

1. Writer fills a page. And then another…

2. Project reaches casting phase.

3. Writer / Producer / Director / Casting solicits talent.

a. Names
b. Agency submissions
c. Those with good personal/professional relationships.

4. Auditions – factors in casting:

a. says lines correctly / fluidly
b. imbues the lines with the reality required by the character and story.
c. nails the tone of the script, and style of the writer.
d. apparent age
e. ethnicity
f. weight
g. quality of voice
h. body type
i. overall ‘look’
j. height
k. overall ‘quality’ appropriate for the role
l. general vibe of your personality – easy to work with
m.  factors d-l in complement to other actors who may be cast

5. Production / Shooting (professionalism on display, we hope)

6. Post-Production

7. Release

8. Followup.

So using the BHP’s approach to Acting, Attitude and Administration…. Acting comes in at 4a – 4c. Scene work in class exists primarily to get you ready to kill in that moment, but overall class environment and emphasis can certainly help understanding and encourage activity up and down this list, and usually contributes to the all important…. Administration – hugely important at 3c and 8. Attitude: 4l and 5. Weight and quality of voice, which may well be crucial factors in casting, are certainly within your control, but only in a long-term sense – it’s a bit of a challenge to change either on short notice.

And one can always be the writer/producer/director yourself, in which case you have much more control over the entire lifecycle, and can hopefully reward yourself accordingly in terms of parts to act.

The point? Just trying to look at the life of an actor from 10,000 feet, whereas many actors may go underwater here and there with frustration and how to make this damned thing happen.

2 thoughts on “Lifecycle

  1. Joan Wong

    Awesome breakdown, Allen!! Yes, this is SO true!!! Thank you for posting this, because we all can use a reminder when running in circles in our heads. 😉

  2. Acting in London

    I love how you used a totally different approach to explaining the case here, Allen.

    It’s also important to understand that have more control over the project should always be of great importance to all artistic people.


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