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Learning the Performing Arts is a Personal Deal

Had another discussion last night with someone who thinks the BHP should put acting classes on the web. I don’t get it. How can you train for the performing arts on the web? I told this person – we could cull from our video footage the 10 best critiques ever delivered by Milton personally, put it up on our site, have some eager itinerant actor in Kansas study these 10 critiques until he could recite them word for word…. Now invite this Kansas actor out to LA and have him perform a scene, and I can pretty much guarantee that it will suck.

The performing arts are about the blood, sweat, tears, emotion, anger, humor, and point-of-view of the performer in the moment of performing. You need a teacher who is in the room to guide, inform, encourage, inhibit the bad, expand the good, scream, charm, cajole the best out of each individual. That ain’t happening on the web. Never will. There is a reason most important business is still conducted in person, that people meet each other in person. The web is good for distribution of content and information. One of my posts below is dedicated to the concept that actors need to understand the web as a distribution channel for limitless content that they should create.

As for education, to the degree that education is the assimilation of information, the web can participate in that process, as it is a peerless tool for distribution of information.

But the performing arts are a horse of a different color. The artist in training will always need a class, not a computer.

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