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Introducing - Beverly Hills Playhouse


About four years ago, I had an idea. I made some sketches of it at the time, had some basic conversations with web development people – but my daughter was born right in there, I was in the middle of directing a few projects, and thought to myself that someone else would no doubt create what I had in mind any second.

Fast-forward to early 2010, and no one had fulfilled my idea. So I got to work. The idea was a website that solved a problem I had personally: How the hell do I keep track of everyone’s gigs? I know for me, or anyone who has any number of friends in the arts, we have the experience of losing track of whom is performing when, whose TV show guest appearance is when, whose music gig is when, whose play is closing what weekend, etc. I’d often thought to myself, “I wish I could just know automatically when So-and-So is performing.”  The Facebook Events module is not much help here, and not everyone enjoys using Facebook, which is a noisy web environment. All the various means of gig promotion, multiplied by having dozens of actor/musician/hyphenate friends – this equals a lot of static across social media / email / text / phone / snailmail channels and only the loudest or most insistent finally wins my attention. It was as if I could find out every stupid detail of my performer friends’ existences except that which was most important: When were they doing the thing to which they dedicated their lives, when were they performing – the very activity that drew us together in the first place?  Continue reading