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Co-Star Acting Auditions - Costaritis | Beverly Hills Playhouse


costaritis, n., a disease whereby normally intelligent, talented actors are suddenly reduced to a heap of blithering self-doubt over the inability to manifest the auditions for, and/or book, TV co-star roles.

Beware this dangerous and contagious disorder! Watch for these symptoms:

1) Secretly hoping for bad things to happen to your actor friends, who somehow, with magical effortlessness that eludes only you, get auditions for CSI: Boise.

2) Working for 10-12 hours to prepare fewer than 6 lines of mediocre TV dialogue – I will not be outworked for this role, you think, as you frantically pace back and forth into the wee hours, creating an extensive character biography and scintillating arc for your role. Thank god you blew off class tonight!

3) A sinking feeling as you drive 1.x hours to the audition in rush hour traffic… you secretly ban the thought from your head, Why am I doing this, exactly?

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