Art Cohan

Art Cohan is an accomplished award-winning actor and director who has worked extensively for over 30 years in New York and Los Angeles in theater, film and television. Some of his film and television credits are available on IMDB. Art first started his studies with Milton Katselas in 1987 in a workshop in New York and has been attending classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse since 1992, where he is currently Director of Student Affairs.

In addition to his Scene Study classes, Art has also been teaching the "What's This Play About?" class to the advanced classes since 1992. Milton considered this class "the most important class at the school," as it teaches the actor and directors in a practical way how to read a script and "take the black words on a white page and create life's colors." He also principal teacher for the BHP's Audition Classes. This is a 12-week intensive where actors can discover what's getting in the way of them booking jobs and solve that problem. Many of his students enjoy a higher percentage of callbacks, booking ratios and landing professional representation.

Art's primary focus is human nature and he is passionately committed, dedicated, and devoted to the student who wishes to understand every aspect of emotion, motivation, agenda, plot, plan, scheme or trick that any human is capable of in trying to determine a character. Many of his students credit him with changing their life as a person as well as a performer. It's one thing to dig deep inside and find your strengths and weaknesses to make the character live and breathe; it's quite another to take that inner journey and re-emerge with additional personal power as a human and an artist.

Art's students learn the BHP approach as developed by Milton Katselas, as well as the business savvy required to maintain a successful career. His "no holds barred style" empowers the actor to refuse the limitation of imitation and discover the endless imagination of the artist within.


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