Acting Audition Class

Several times a year, the BHP offers an Audition Class to all its current students, taught by Art Cohan.  Students have the unique opportunity to focus on their individual auditioning issues.  Similar to auditions in the industry, students are emailed scripts up to two days in advance. They are asked to prepare their auditions just as they would for any top casting director. Art works on everything involved in the process: the entrance into the room, the attitude presented by the actor, the actual reading, and leaving the room.

It is more than just a cold-reading class. It is the specific application of the BHP Approach to the audition process. Plus, since this class is only offered to current students of the BHP, the terms used are readily understood and applicable by everyone in the room.

The Audition Class is usually formatted as a twelve-week intensive workshop covering all aspects of the audition process:

1.  What you need to do when you get the sides.
2.  How do you prepare fully and completely.
3.  What do you need to do when you're waiting to "go in".
4.  How do you takeover the room and make it your own.
5.  What do you need to do to "leave your work in the room."
6.  What do you do if it's a cold reading?
7.  What happens when there's a camera in the room?  Working on-camera is included in the workshop.
8.  Self-Tapes *

*While Self-Tape auditions have taken over a larger percentage of total audition opportunities, particularly during and since 2020, we still believe that working on and drilling the ‘live audition’ process is the best way to develop those skills and then bring them to the self-tape process. It’s no different from our ‘live theatre’ scene study training as the best prep for the slice-and-dice pixellated world of TV/film shoots. It’s about learning fundamental skills that you will then apply to a variety of formats. 


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