Acting Classes

 The BHP offers ongoing acting classes for kids in the age range of 7 to 17. Taught by Emmy Award Winner Melissa Hayden, our acting school for kids is one of the most highly regarded and respected in all of Los Angeles. 

Many distinguished and successful young performers choose to train at BHP, where they can learn every skill they need to be excellent film, television, and commercial actors. 

BHP’s Scene Study classes are the legendary beating heart of the program here. At all levels, the structure of the classes is the same. Each night will see 4-6 scenes presented in a master class format: The actors bring in as finished a performance as they can manage for their level of experience, perform it for their classmates in the audience, and the scene is then critiqued by the teacher. It is in these critiques that almost all the teaching happens at BHP across all areas of Acting, Attitude and Career Administration.

Several times a year, the BHP offers an Audition Class to all its current students, taught by Art Cohan.  Students have the unique opportunity to focus on their individual auditioning issues.  Similar to auditions in the industry, students are emailed scripts up to two days in advance. They are asked to prepare their auditions just as they would for any top casting director. Art works on everything involved in the process: the entrance into the room, the attitude presented by the actor, the actual reading, and leaving the room.

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