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Employee of the Month

David talks to a prostitute his friend sent named Whisper (played by Jenna Fischer). She offers to have sex with him, but instead he wants to talk about how he cheated on his fiance. Then he monologues about his life, and how he ended up where he is.


Howard's famous rant, mad as hell and I'm not (f-ing) gonna take it anymore

Of Mice and Men

Lenny is talking to Curley's wife. She gets Lenny to pet her and he loses it and kills her.


Jenna asks Earl to lend her money for a pie contest. Earl says no. This scene shows the strained relationship.

All About Eve

Eve tries to seduce Bill with her innocence.

American Beauty

Carolyn is angry at Lester for selling and then buying a new car (1970 firebird). Lester and Carolyn almost get down and dirty, but she kills the mood by worrying about beer on the couch.

American Beauty

Ricky and Jane talk about their relationship while Ricky videotapes her.

Any Given Sunday

Tony meets with his son Tom for the first time in 5 years. Tony tries to convince Tom to let him see his grandchildren.

Basic Instinct

Catherine's ex lesbian lover tried to kill Nick, and Nick rushes over to Catherine's aparment. They make love, and try and stop playing games and be sincere towards each other.

Boondock Saints

Smecker monologues about the potential of the hits that they are investigating.

Eyes Wide Shut

Bill smooth talks Nick into giving him the address of a crazy party.

Family Man

Jack runs into Cash and tries to save him. Jack then claims he has everything he wants, and Cash casts his spell.

King Of Comedy

Pupkin is on a date with Rita telling her he'll make it big, but she thinks it's all hilarious. She gets a call from the guy at the bar and has to leave, and Pupkin keeps pursuing.

King of Comedy

Pupkin tries to see Langford and gets stopped by the secretary. He pushes enough to get Cathy Long out to see him. She tells him she saw the tape and it was good, but a little weak. She also tells him he has no personality.

About Last Night

Dan and Deborah try and break up by blaming the other person for the circumstances.

Fight Club

Jack talks about losing all his stuff. Then Tyler gets him to ask if he can stay at his place, for a favor. He proceeds to ask Jack :I want you to hit me as hard as you can."

Catcher In the Rye

Holden meets with a prostitute. He tells her he wants to talk because he's just had an operation. She asks for the money, 10 dollars, and all Holden has is five. So, she leaves. Very 50's like dialogue.

Reversal of Fortune

Von Bulow meets Prof. Dershowitz and tries to convince him to take his appeal.

The Fountainhead

Roark talks to the Dean after he has been expelled. The Dean proposes a deal for him to be expected back which is dependent on his loss of individualism. Roark refuses, and the Dean is shocked.


Christine tells Police Chief Jones that the boy she has is not her son Walter. Jones tries to explain his way out of it. Christine is very adamant, it is not her son.

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