Mean Streets

Johnny arrives late to meet Charlie at Tony's bar in order to speak with Michael about Johnny's unpaid debts. Things get messy.

Mean Streets

Charlie is sitting in Tony's bar when Johnny arrives with a couple of girls. Charlie pulls Johnny into the back room to discuss Johnny's inability to manage his debts.

Meet Joe Black

Parrish is sitting in his study, when suddenly a voice comes along and sets him straight. Then a young man walks out of no where claiming he is Death, and that Parrish will die, but that Death wants a chance to experience human life. An interesting scene.

Meet Joe Black

A young man meets Susan in a coffee shop, and they immediately hit it off.

Midnight Cowboy

Rizzo takes Joe to his loft. They wake up the next morning and Rizzo and Joe talk about management.

Midnight Run

Jonathan and Jack are eating at a diner. Jack wants Jonathan to shut up and Jonathan wants Jack to like him and let him go.

Mighty Aphrodite

Linda is a call-girl and thinks Lenny is her next appointment when he shows up at her door. Lenny simply wants to get to know her better after learning that she is the biological mother of his adopted son.

Million Dollar Baby

Maggie tells Mr. Dunn the straight up truth on where she is and where she's been.


Paul stands up to Annie. She says she'll drive a sledgehammer into his wieni if he doesn't treat her nicer. He calls her bluff.


Annie brings Paul nice new expensive paper from town for him to type his masterpiece on! Paul tells her the paper isn't good, because the ink smudges. Then she flips out.


Annie loves Paul, she is sweet to him. Then she breaks his ankles.


Annie is angry at Paul for killing Misery. She is about to strike him with a chair, then tells him there's no way anyone is coming for him, he is trapped...

Mission Impossible

Ethan meets Kittridge in a cafe after Ethan's entire team has been killed. Kittridge implies that Ethan is the mole, so Ethan runs.

Mississippi Burning

Agent Rupert Anderson visits Mrs. Pell, wife of Deputy Clinton Pell, who's involved in the Ku Klux Klan.

Mississippi Burning

All these KKK guys hanging out in a bar when Anderson comes in. He questions and warns the lot of them, after grabbing one of the Deputy's nards real hard.

Moby Dick

Father Maple tells the story of Jonah and his fish. Jonah runs from god across the oceans only to get shipwrecked from a storm. Father Maple links this story to his idea of faith and religion.


Leonard comes to Natalie's after his fight with Dodd. He has no idea why, and he talks about not knowing what's going on.


Natalie is pissed at Leonard because he killed her boyfriend and doesn't know it. Now a guy named Dodd is going to kill her. So, she takes all the pens in the house, and hides them from Leonard, and then gets him to beat her up. She leaves, his memory res ...

Mommie Dearest

Wow. This is an insane monologue from an insane woman.

Monsters Ball

Leticia thanks Hank for helping her. Hank opens up, then they get closer than they thought they ever would.

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