Grand Canyon

Dee asks Jane's advice about the affair she's having with a married man.


Lilly comes to Roy to get the money she needs. Roy will not give it to her. She tries EVERY method she can think of (even trying to convince her son they aren't related so she can seduce him), then she smashes a vase on his head and he dies.


Lilly runs into Bobo, and is driving with him. He is pissed at her from messing up her job with the horse race. She tries to get out of it. Just after the scene he tortures her a little bit.


Roy runs into his mother Lilly at a holiday Inn in San Diego for an awkward meeting.


Roy tells Myra he doesn't want to work with her. Good fight scene.


Lilly is giving Roy a hard time about his relationship with his mother. He tells Lilly he hasn't seen his mother in 7 years, then his mother walks in the door with a story to tell.

Grosse Pointe Blank

Grocer (Akroyd) and Martin (Cusack) have a Mexican standoff in a breakfast restaurant. During the standoff they talk about their diets and Grocer asks Martin to join the union. Martin says no, and Grocer gives Martin the ultimatum join or die. The female ...

Groundhog Day

Phil tells Rita he's stuck on the same day forever, and she begins to believe him. Then she sticks with him throughout the day, and he explains its goods and bads.

Guess Who

Simon feels like Theresa's family doesn't like him. She tries to reassure him, while he starts playing with her lingerie. Then Bernie Mac bursts in.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

John tells his father that he sees himself as a man, as compared to his father who sees himself as a colored man.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Matt (Spencer Tracy) monologues on his conclusion about his daughter wanting to marry a black man in the 1960's

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