Blood Diamond

Maddy Bowen, an American journalist, and Danny Archer, a Rhodesian mercenary, meet for the first time in a bar in South Africa. They have a very fiery exchange regarding what they both do for a living.

Blood Diamond

Maddy monologues about her passion for her work, and that Danny had better help or get out of her way.


George confronts his old friend and partner Diego, who has stolen his most important drug trafficking connection.

Body Heat

Ned has pulled up to the Pinehaven Lounge, looking for Matty. He finds her drinking alone, and the game of seduction begins.

Body Heat

Matty Walker is married to a very wealthy man, and they have a house in Pinehaven, an upper crust Coconut Grove-like seaside community. Matty has targeted Ned Racine, a small time ambulance-chasing lawyer, as a pawn in her plot to kill her husband. Ned ...

Boiler Room

Jim monologues to the new recruits the rules of the company. They are there to work hard and get stinking rich.

Boiler Room

Seth warns Chris that the FBI is onto them.

BoonDock Saints

Smecker yells at his police force about letting rumors go out about the two guys who seek retribution from criminals who escape justice.

Boondock Saints

Smecker monologues about the potential of the hits that they are investigating.

Boondock Saints

Smecker goes to confession over whether or not it is ok to let someone else kill a criminal. Rocco holds a gun to the priest's head so the priest tells Smecker that God approves. Oh, and Smecker's wasted.

Born on the Fourth of July

Ron served in Vietnam and has returned in a wheelchair. He lives at his parents’ house on Long Island now and it’s not going well. Donna was his high school sweetheart, back when he was a wrestling champion. He didn’t ask her to the prom because he had ...

Bound for Glory

Woody Guthrie and Ozark Bule run into and chat with their friend Luther Johnson as they're about to enter a radio station. They go on into the station, speak with Locke, the station's manager, and play some live music with Memphis Sue. They are repriman ...

Boys Don't Cry

Brandon and Lana talk about what Brandon was like before. The two have a real connection and Brandon invites Lana to Lincoln to meet mom.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Paul goes to Holly's appt to apologize. They decide to spend the day together in celebration of Paul selling a story.

Bringing Up Baby

Susan keeps unintentionally tormenting David. David responds very negatively, especially when Susan decides that David is mean because he likes her.

Broadcast News

Jane is a television news editor, a compulsive perfectionist, passionate and obsessive about excellence. She loves her job and gives it two hundred percent. She meets Tom at a convention where she’s just given a speech that bombed because it had integri ...

Broadcast News

Jane comes over to Aaron's house after a semi-meltdown on camera. Aaron then tries to convince Jane not to date Tom.

Bruce Almighty

A hilarious scene where Evan tries to give the news, but is sabotaged by Bruce. He starts speaking gibberish and losing his mind, no matter how hard he tries to control it.


Virginia confronts Bugsy at his house after he proposes to her at a party they both attended earlier that evening.


Bugsy Siegel & Virginia Hill meet for the first time on the set of a movie in which Virginia is acting.

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