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A Beautiful Mind

Dr. Rosen tries to convince John to take his meds, but John refuses. John pleads with Alicia not to commit him, and let him try and solve the problem on his own.

A Few Good Men

Jo & Sam are working hard on the case when Kaffee arrives drunk.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Butch, Sundance and Etta talk about who is following them. They end up deciding to flee to Bolivia.

Nicky and Ginger argue about what Ace knows and how Nicky will get her money back. Marino enters just in time to prevent things from turning violent.

Coming Home

Bob is hopeless because Sally is cheating on him, and the army doesn't want him back. He starts to lose it and puts a gun to his head. Luke comes in, and helps convince Bob not to kill himself.

Death to Smoochy

Randolph holds up Sheldon and Nora with a gun. Randolph tells Sheldon about all the sleeping around Nora used to do, and Sheldon gets all grossed out. They disarm Randolph and he breaks down in tears. Sheldon feels sorry for him, loads his gun, and goe ...


A psychiatrist, Dr. Martin Dysart, becomes obsessed with the pathology of his patient, a young man named Alan Strang who blinded several horses with a hoof pick. In this scene, Dysart questions Alan about a past encounter with a girl named Jill, an encou ...

Gone Baby Gone

Patrick, a private detective, and his partner/girlfriend, Angie, are hired by a woman named Helene to find her kidnapped daughter, Amanda. When Helene's boyfriend Ray is murdered by the drug lord from whom they both were stealing, Patrick and Angie join ...

Interview with a Vampire

Lestat (Cruise) tries to convince Louis (Pitt) to feed on a prostitute. Louis cares about her pain while Lestat sees her as food.

Norma Rae

In a bar, Norma Rae gets to know her 2 guys better - Sonny, her future husband, and Reuben, the union organizer. We also learn a little bit about her past.


Tony, Manolo, and Elvira are eating dinner in a restaurant. Tony and Manolo talk shop, and things get rather tense between Tony and Elvira.


Bob comes over to make amends with Paco and talk about some new ideas. Paco tells Bob to piss off. Then Paco starts taking it out on his wife Leslie and she shuts him down, then she asks him to have babies with her (or cause her to have them...) He flips ...

Sophie's Choice

Stingo visits Sophie and Nathan, who are wildly in love and having a grand old time, and Stingo learns more about both Sophie and Nathan. The three of them are becoming fast friends.

The Devil's Advocate

Courtroom scene. The prosecutor questions Barbara to build a case against Mr. Gettes. Then Kevin cross examines and shuts the whole thing down.

The International

Interpol agent Louis Salinger and Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Eleanor (Ella) Whitman are determined to bring to justice one of the world's most powerful banks, the International Bank of Business and Credit, which funds terrorist activities. Sal ...

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